Community Arts

Albany Barn

This non-profit is devoted to developing a sustainable creative arts community center that will give artists, neighborhood residents and the public a place to create, present and explore their art interests and talents. This was especially established with those who cannot afford or don’t have access to such spaces and services in mind.

Specific Needs

  • Marketing planning/implementation
  • Music/arts educational programming for youth
  • Increase revenue
  • Increase program offerings
  • Solidify volunteer recruitment and retention programs
  • Increase knowledge of ABI mission and progress amount of community members
  • Need to launch larger scale fundraising events/campaigns

Research Questions

  • What fundraisers attract the public most?
  • What is the community most interested in contributing to?

Grand Street Community Arts

The goal of Grand Street is to use the arts as a way to create unity in an inner-city neighborhood that has racial and economic diversity. The center focuses on its youth by creating a supporting community. It contains various programs that encourage the arts as a way of expression.
Based in the historic St. Anthony’s church, creates a connection of between the history of the neighborhood and the now existing community.

Specific Needs

  • Put together a theater program connecting with the department faculty
  • Create a curatorial program with the boarded up project that will work with Siena Art Museum and the Visual Arts Department.
  • Needs committees to support more fully the organization’s needs
  • Outreach and marketing
  • Fundraising and Capital Management
  • Building projects
  • Create programs and projects that are representing of the larger community.
  • Needs board development

Research Questions:

  • How can they put together a sustainable theater program that will connect with the department faculty at a local university?
  • How can they connect a curatorial program with the board up project to a local school’s museum?
  • What components are needed to create committees that support more fully the organization’s needs?
  • In what ways can they market and outreach to the community more effectively?
  • What effective building projects will help advance Grand Streets mission?
  • What programs can they implement that are representing of the larger community?