Health, Nutrition, and Hunger

 Capital Region YMCA

The Y is one of the leading non-profits in the country with 2,687 Y’s serving 21 million Americans. Their goals are to cultivate the potential of children and teens, promote the nation’s health and well-being and provide opportunities to give back and support neighbors. The Capital District YMCA more specifically serves people in Albany, Bethlehem, Camp Chingachgook on Lake George, Clifton Park, Coxsackie, Eat Greenbush, Glenville, Green County, Guilderland, Niskayuna, Schenectady and Troy.

Specific Needs

  • Event planning and program planning
  • Creating evaluations/surveys
  • Fundraising
  • Securing more volunteers to assist in our teen programs and membership desk.
  • Make community connection by informing community about our programs and finding out what the community needs from businesses, grants, partners to put back into our programs.

Research Questions

  • How can the Y recruit volunteers and keep their retention rate high?
  • What other needs of the community are going under the radar? How can businesses, grants and partners fulfill these needs? How can they use this in their programming?

The Boys and Girls Clubs of Albany

The Boys and Girls Clubs of Albany has been helping children live up to their full potential by providing crucial services to the at-risk youth of the area for more than 100 years. The offers a range of services from homework help to service learning, social recreation and kung-fu to health services and cooking classes. They also offer character development to prepare them for college and a career. The make sure to offer programs for what every kid needs, which is a safe place to learn and grow.

Specific Needs

  • Family advocacy
  • Outcome measurement
  • Teach life skills/street smarts
  • Tie in Art/humanities community garden with Nutrition program
  • Teach healthy living
  • Teach: technology, music, tutoring: best practices, Spanish language/ culture, Women’s studies

Research Questions

  • How can they best measure their impact or how they are meeting their goals?
  • What are the best teaching practices for healthy living, technology, music, Spanish language and culture?

Albany County District Attorney

Specific Needs
  • Getting more info about programs to the public
  • Reaching more youth with prevention and education activities

FOCUS Churches

FOCUS consists of four faith affiliates and two faith partners united in a common cause to respond to neighbor’s needs in the city of Albany and beyond. They have various feeding programs including FOCUS Interfaith Food Pantry, FOCUS Winter Breakfast, and Extra Helpings Food Buying Club. They were established to provide the community with good, nutritious food that will help with their well-being. They are very active seeking long term solutions to end hunger and poverty.

Specific Needs

  • Database development
  • Marketing for a faith-based charity organization (food pantry, soup kitchen)
  • Fundraising through direct mail pieces
  • Strategic planning
  • Board review

Hope 7 Community Center

Hope 7 has a mission to provide essential life services to their community members. The programs range from child daycare programs (both educational and recreational), a food pantry, and community outreach services. Located in Troy’s East Side, their aim is to continuing add programming for the community until the needs of all the people are finally met through all their resources.

Specific Needs

  • Create a database on clients for pantry
  • Need people to work with kids age 5-12
  • Marketing and Public Relations
  • Peer Advocacy program to help pantry clients receive needed services
  • Need workers who are fluent in Spanish (maybe make a connection with a Spanish class?)
  • Need to know community’s view
  • Need to expand programming
  • Referral Program
  • Fundraising and events
  • Need new programming (only have two programs: afterschool and food pantry)

Research Questions

  • How does the community view Hope7? What have they heard about the organization and what do they know about the people it serves?
  • How can they expand programming to best fit the needs of the people that they serve?
  • What new programming can be implemented to expand the scope of Hope 7’s services?

Interfaith Partnership for the Homeless

Interfaith is located in Albany, New York and has been serving the homeless community since 1984. Their programs and services include a 30 bed emergency shelter, Drop-In Center, housing program and summer youth program. Interfaith helps individuals with their immediate needs as well as provide case management to help find them safe, affordable housing. There are also long term case management services to help maintain housing and build a stable life.

Specific Needs

  • Need nursing or health related students for their Health and Wellness Program
  • Need someone to take pictures that can be used for IPH’s publication
  • Work on statistics- choose the correct statistics to present for an annual report to show to donors
  • Figure out way to get IPH in front of NYS workers ( especially those who donate through their annual campaign for non profits
  • Needs ideas where IPH can create an ongoing program which would provide sustaining funds (beside community garden)
  • Outreach to churches
  • Increase the number of groups who provide meals for IPH
  • Organization in Human Resources

Research Questions

  • How can the community benefit from a health and wellness program? Who would be affected by this? What results would it produce?
  • Gather statistics and determine which are the best and most affective for an annual report to show to donors?
  • In what ways can IPH create an ongoing program which would provide sustaining funds?
  • What strategies can be used to get NYS workers to pay attention to IPH? How can they especially gain the attention of those who donate through their annual campaign for non-profits?
  • What strategies can be used to outreach to local churches?

Trinity Alliance

Located in Troy, NY, the center provides a range of activities that have the aim to improve the quality of life of its members, enable them to build self-esteem, provide social support and encourage them to achieve their full potential. Services that are available to the community include emergency assistance, food pantry, The Roarke Connection for women with legal issues or legal incarceration, medical services for the uninsured in cooperation with Seton Health, creative arts, creative writing, digital photography, sewing and weaving, adult literacy, computer literacy, and family budgeting assistance.

Specific Needs

  • Case management database
  • Need identification of best practice information for database info
  • Re-entry best practices/ recidivism??
  • Client intake and retention
  • Life coach program recruitment and retention
  •  Grant writing
  • Technology upgrading
  • Statistic gathering

Research Questions

  • What are best practices for indentifying information for database info?
  • What are best practices for re-entry and recidivism?
  • How can they best appeal to clients and increase their retention?

Unity House of Troy, Inc.

Unity House was established in 1971 with the mission to make life better for those who are underprivileged in the Capital Region. Based in Rensselaer County, they provide a wide variety of services to meet the needs of the people in the surrounding area. They serve those who in living in poverty, adults who are mentally disabled or have HIV/AIDS, victims of domestic violence, and children with developmental delays. Their goal is to achieve social justice in their community and give people a better understanding of those they serve.

Specific Needs

  • Board evaluation
  • Volunteer recruitment ( wants VISTA admins)
  • Database management/organization
  • Need help with unpaid budget crisis