Siena Cares





 At Siena we CARE

We want all members of our faculty and staff to recognize when a student might be struggling and help students connect to the appropriate supports within our community. One way to remember this is...

Connect with the person
Ask about how they are doing
Refer to the supports on campus (like the Center for Counseling and Student Development or Dean of Students Office)
Engage the campus resources  

Community Safety Net

 The charge of the T.A.T. is to receive, investigate and determine appropriate response to all reports of possible threats to person or property.  Public Safety is the contact point for all threats.

The charge of the SEWART is to provide a systematic approach to establishment of a list of "At Risk" (AR) students prior to each semester, gather information on AR students so as to assess their level of engagement and success and develop outreach appropriate to the particular needs of the individual students. AVPAA or AVPSA are the primary contact points.

The charge of the SCT is to promote the safety, health and success of students, the SCT addresses student behaviors that are disruptive and/or dangerous.  In addition, the SCT can assist community members who have general concerns for a student.  In this context, the SCT can advise those concerened with how to support the student, offer direct outreach and/or utilize appropriate support services. CCSD, Public Safety, and/or the Dean of Students are the primary contacts.


At Siena we CARE

"As professors, we've all handled difficult students in the classroom..." Chris Farnan

"Sometimes when a student shares something personal, it's their way of asking for help..." Br. Walter

"Every day in the news we hear about students and the stress they are under..." Jim Nolan