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Personally Owned Computer Guidelines as it Relates to Connecting to the College’s Network and ITS Related Support


*****Reviewed and Approved by ITSAC: 12/14/04******


For a variety of reasons, ITS cannot support personally owned computers on the Siena network. However, that does not mean personally owned computers may not be used. Access to the Internet and projection systems for such needs are provided in Siena’s electronically enhanced classrooms. It is the responsibility of the owner of the computer to be sure it is properly maintained.

Siena College has continually worked hard to provide suitable desktop technology for its faculty and staff. Hardware and software standards have been established to assist in providing a compatible, reliable, and secure computing environment. Hardware and operating systems are continually updated to address user needs and to support the application software used by the College.


However, we realize that there may be circumstances where a faculty or staff member has the need to connect a personally owned computer to the College’s network.

In order to allow for this flexibility, ITS is instituting the following policy so that our goal of providing a reliable, stable, and secure computing environment is still maintained:

  1. All personally owned computers connected to the College’s network must have updated operating system security patches and have updated antivirus software installed.
  2. All computers must have installed spyware protection software. 3. File sharing software is not allowed.
  3. It is the user’s responsibility to maintain software that is compatible with Siena’s standard software offerings.

Please be advised that neglect of these guidelines on the individual’s part may have an adverse impact on the network and on your fellow employees. Personally owned computers that are not up to the College’s standards will not be allowed to connect to the network. Computers that, while connected to the network, appear to be problematic will have their associated network port disconnected, if necessary, to protect other users and the integrity of the network. When possible, an informative screen will be sent to the problematic computer notifying the user as to the reason for the interruption in service. If this is not possible and the network port appears to be dead, the user should contact the ITS Help Desk to determine if their port was turned off and the associated reason for this action.


This policy applies to all computers on the network that are not purchased by the College. ITS’ responsibility for personally owned computer support ends at the network wall jack. ITS will not support, entertain questions, or repair any problems with the computers other than making sure the network connection is available and functioning correctly. ITS will determine College ownership by the presence of a Siena College Asset Tag sticker (the sticker says: “Property of Siena College”). If you are missing one, please contact the Purchasing Dept. for this identification tag. Proof of College ownership/purchase may be necessary.


ITS reserves the right to withdraw this privilege at any time in order to protect the functionality, security, and integrity of the College’s network.

Updated: 12/15/04