Department Chair

  • Jennifer McErlean
    Professor of Philosophy
    Siena Hall 414
    (518) 783-4129

Student News

Larissa Walker

Double Major: Philosophy and Political Science

Class Year: 2009

Short bio: Larissa went on to earn an M.A. in Environmental Policy Design at Lehigh University, and is now working on an organic produce farm and at an award-winning "farm-to-table" restaurant.

How did studying philosophy help your career? My philosophy degree was unquestionably one of the most valuable tools for me in graduate school. It was a key factor in my being offered a full-tuition scholarship, and gave me a major advantage in many of my program's foundation courses.

Christopher Stein

Double Major: Philosophy and Marketing & Management

Class Year: 2011

Short bio: Chris is a second year M.A. student in Philosophy at Colorado State University, and is currently applying to Management Ph.D. programs.

Fond memories? The biannual Symposium on Living Philosophers was one of my best experiences at Siena. It is a unique program that allows students to focus their education on a single topic within philosophy for an entire year. It has prepared me for graduate seminars in philosophy, helped prepare me for writing higher level research papers, and for giving presentations, talks, and teaching. The department at Siena is fantastic. I found support and encouragement from every member of the faculty and the students in the program bond together to create an atmosphere for philosophical and personal growth.