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Remote Desktop

Remote Desktop lets faculty and staff connect to their own computer from other computers on Siena's network.

How can this be used?  If you're on the Siena ITS network, you can log on to the computer in your office from one of the classrooms, and run programs. This lets you use programs that aren't installed on the EEC podium computers.


  • Find the Asset Tag number of your computer. It's a small silver sticker on the CPU (the part with the CD-ROM). Do not use the number on your monitor. In this example, we'll use "20447."
  • You must contact ITS so we can set up your computer for Remote Desktop.
  • You computer must be turned on for this to work. It is not necessary to be logged in, but if you are, when you connect you will see whatever programs you were using. This can help save time.

Remote Desktop Connection

  • Click on "Start."
  • Click on "All Programs"
  • Click on "Accessories."
  • You should see "Remote Desktop Connection."  Click on it.

Remote Desktop Connection

  • Enter the computer name, which is the letter "S" and the asset tag number.  In this case, it's "s20447" (case doesn't matter).
  • You will be prompted to enter your username and password.  Do so. You may have to login with a "sienaservices\" before your username.
    Remember to include the backslash -- they key above the Enter key.

Remote Desktop will connect to your computer.  You can now use it as though it were in the lab with you. If you're using a projector, the remote desktop will project.

You will see some controls at the top of the screen.

RDC Control

The little line minimizes the remote computer and returns you to the desktop of the computer you're connected from.  You can switch back to the remote computer by clicking the name (in this case s20447) on the taskbar.

Logging off

To log off, click on the "Start" button while the remote computer is displayed. There are two options:  "Log Off" and "Disconnect."

Disconnect Remote Desktop


  • Log Off. Logs you off the computer. Returns the remote computer to the "Press Ctrl-Alt-Delete" screen.
  • Disconnect.  Disconnects you from the remote computer. The computer will remain as it was when you click on "Disconnect." You will probably need to enter your username and password when you get back to your office in order to use the computer, but it is already logged in, so you can work on it immediately.