Current Year Courses

Courses offered Fall 2012

PHYS010 Astronomy

PHYS010 Physics of Music

PHYS130 General Physics I

PHYS110 General Physics IA

PHYS220 Modern Physics

SCDV230 Electronics

PHYS310 Classical Mechanics

PHYS390 Astrophysics I

PHYS440 Quantum Mechanics

PHYS470 Advance Laboratory I

Courses offered Spring 2013

PHYS010 Astronomy

PHYS010 Physics of Music

PHYS055 Energy and Environment

PHYS140 General Physics II

PHYS120 General Physics IIA

PHYS250 Computational Physics

PHYS260 Thermal Physics

PHYS370 Experimental Techniques

PHYS392 Astrophysics II

PHYS400 X-Ray Spectroscopy

PHYS410 Electricity and Magnetism

PHYS472 Advanced Laboratory II