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Registration Info for Advisors

Registration instructions for students
When do my advisees register?

Registration should be the end-product of a longer and fuller advising process - not the only time the advisor and advisee meet

Faculty advisors should focus on ADVISING students: talking with them about their goals, their academic progress, the programs they are interested in pursuing, etc. Help students make decisions about registration.  Students will benefit from this kind of conversation and not just our course recommendations.

Students register using Web for Students. If they have any problems, they can speak to their school office or the Office of Student Success and Academic Advising  (SH215) to rectify the difficulties. We suggest the following steps to complete an effective advising and registration cycle:

1. Two weeks before registration begins, advisors should send a reminder e-mail to all of their advisees. Students should be told to: 
      -- Print their CAPP report via Web for Students. They must "Generate a new analysis" to get the latest information and run a "Detail" report.
      -- Review the course openings online. This includes information on when they register.
      -- Make an appointment to see you. They should bring their CAPP report along with a list of the courses that they are considering.

2. Advisors should allow sufficient time to meet with all advisees. If necessary, you can post a sign-up sheet for advising appointments during the weeks before registration, and/or hold extra office hours.

3.  Course selection should take place within the larger picture of the student's academic program.  Based on what is listed in the student's CAPP report, advisors should discuss  7 to 10 course options.

4. Advisors should encourage students to use this CAPP report as a worksheet to prepare for web registration.  Students should walk away from the meeting with a clear sense of what courses they want to register for, how these fit into their overall academic program and with the answers to questions they have about the registration process.

5. Students should be reminded that it is their responsibility to fulfill all of the requirements for their Siena degree. If they choose to ignore your recommendations or the information listed on the CAPP report, they do so at their own risk.

6. The Registrar's web site has information for students who have trouble executing web registration. During business hours they can also go to their  office for assistance.