Department Chair

  • Raj Devasagayam
    Professor of Marketing
    Colbeth Hall 113

National Sales Challenge





Colin Duncan, senior marketing major, and Bobby Eckert, junior marketing major, accompanied by assistant professor of marketing and coach Dr. Michael Pepe, participated in the National Sales Challenge in New Jersey on November 14-16. There were 72 students from 32 universities that participated in the Sales Challenge sponsored by 17 companies and featured a sales call roll play and speed selling competitive event. A few of the sponsoring companies were ADP, Hess, Canon, DHL, Konica Minolta and Stryker Orthopaedics.

The National Sales Challenge is designed to:

  • Hone students’ sales skills as they gain candid feedback on their sales abilities from corporate executives.
  • Help students obtain real-world business knowledge and make valuable contacts with executives from a wide range of companies seeking to hire bright new sales professionals.
  • Allow sponsoring companies to meet and evaluate up-and coming sales leaders. 

The team represented Siena and themselves well at the Sales Challenge and gained valuable business experience that will prove beneficial throughout their careers. 

Comments from Colin and Bobby

The Russ Berrie Institute National Sales Challenge was an incredible experience that allowed us the opportunity to meet many individuals from top companies from around the world. The Sales Challenge was a great way for us to showcase our abilities and network with business professionals from a wide range of industries. We have already received multiple E-Mails from individuals that we met at the Sales Challenge that were interested in speaking more about potential job opportunities. We would like to thank Siena for giving us the great honor of representing the marketing department and the school as a whole, as well as supporting us in this competition. Sending members of Siena's community to competitions like the National Sales Challenge is a great way to expose students to potential future employers and give students the opportunity to show these individuals exactly what we have been learning at Siena. We would also like to especially thank our faculty adviser, Dr. Michael Pepe, for preparing us for the difficult task of participating in this challenge; he did an incredible job making the resources that we needed available to us and letting us know what to expect regardless of the fact that this would also be his first time at the challenge. The many things that we learned from participating in the National Sales Challenge really helped bring life to the things that we have been learning at Siena and will follow us into our future careers. Any member of the Siena community that is honored with the ability to participate in the competition and represent Siena has a distinct advantage when entering into the job market and has opportunities for potential jobs that they would not otherwise have. Again, we thank Siena for the opportunity to represent the school at such a prestigious event and look forward to seeing how future Siena representatives will perform at this event in the future.

Thank You,
 Colin R. Duncan
 Bobby Eckert