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Contact Information

  • Academic Affairs
    Siena Hall 219
    Tel. (518) 783-2307
    Fax (518) 786-5013

BOI Standing Subcommittee Members

School of Business Curriculum Committee

Paul Dwyer
Jean Mangun
Kathy Silvester
Student Learning Assurance Coordinator
James Murtaugh – Assessment Coordinator


School of Liberal Arts Curriculum Committee

Paul Dwyer
Paul Santilli
Michael Sham
Eleni Papadopoulos - Student Learning Assurance Coordinator 
Josh Alexander – Assessment Coordinator


School of Science Curriculum Committee

Jason Hofstein
Jean Mangun
Paul Santilli
Michael Sham
Student Learning Assurance Coordinator
Kevin Rhoads – Assessment Coordinator

Core Advisory Committee (CAC) / FYS

Pam Clements / Meg Woolbright
Lois Daly
Johanna Horowitz
Tom Kopp
Jennifer McErlean
Catherine Crohan – Assessment Coordinator
Gary Thompson – Assessment Coordinator

Student Learning Assessment Committee

Josh Alexander, School of Liberal Arts Asst. Coordinator
Jim Murtagh, School of Business Asst. Coordinator
Kevin Rhoads, School of Science Asst. Coordinator
Jamie Casline, School of Business Asst. Dean
Allison Schultz, School of Liberal Arts Asst. Dean
Laurie Fay, School of Science Asst. Dean
Catherine Crohan, Core-Info. Lit
Gary Thompson, Core-Info. Lit
Robin Flatland – At-Large
Mary Lou D’Allegro, AVPAA-IE