Bonner Class of 2014


Jonathan Catrona

Jonathan Catrona is a senior Biochemistry major at Siena College School of Science. He is currently the Nutrition Coordinator of the Meals of Wheels Program for Peter Young Housing, Industries and Treatment. He actively develops health and program policies by utilizing Bonner PolicyOptions to ensure the program has sustainable policies. Using these policies, the Meals on Wheels program will launch in Fall 2013, as the policy reaches the application steps. Lastly, Jonathan is interested in pursuing a career in the osteopathic medical profession as a physician, and has an interest in the policy and societal dynamics which influence the overall health of a group of individuals. He has recently traveled to India in the summer of 2012 as a International Medicine Intern in Emmaus Swiss Leprosy Hospital in Palamaner, Andhra Pradesh. He aspires to be accepted to a osteopathic medical school and continue to explore the global community to develop health policy and practice in the future.

Claudia Congemi

Claudia is from River Edge, NJ. She is currently a member the Siena College Class of 2014. As a Bonner, Claudia worked at the Boys and Girls Clubs of Albany for two years and is now working as an ACE Program Associate with a focus on Bonner Cornerstone Development and Implementation. In high school, Claudia worked with her community service club and was a senior officer for the club.


Ryan Gonnelly

Ryan Gonnelly is a Senior at Siena College studying Economics. His title within the Siena College Bonner Service Leaders Program is as a Program Associate within the Office of Academic Community Engagement, where he develops a summer camp for high school students within the Capital Region based around community engagement and leadership, known as the Siena College Civic Engagement Camp. Ryan enjoys being outdoors and photography during his free time.


Stephen Jensen

Stephen Jensen '14 is a Psychology major from Boston, MA. For the past 4 years, he has been a member of the Bonner Service Leaders Program. Through the program, Stephen has been able to serve in a variety of roles within the program such as SLI Conference Coordinator, Halloween Extravaganza Coordinator, and the Community Engaged Teaching and Learning Assistant. Additionally, Stephen has a number of different roles on campus. He is currently serving as the Chairperson of the Student Events Board and is a member of the McGuire Society with the Office of Admissions. Stephen is looking forward to his senior year and what post grad life will bring!


Lydie Kengne

Biography coming soon!

Lexys Martinez

Lexys Martinez is a Senior Marketing major as well as a Bonner Service Leader at Siena College. Over the past four years, she has been serving in the Schuyler Inn with the Peter Young Foundation. As Child Care Coordinator of the Schuyler Inn, a temporary housing shelter, Lexys is involved with the planning and facilitating of weekly activities for the children. These programs are used to stimulate social interaction for children who are sometimes put in unfortunate housing predicament. Lexys also is involved with coordinating various groups or organizations from the Albany community to come and partake in the children activities!


Kevin Schafer

Biography coming soon!


Katherine Wells

Biography coming soon!


Laura Priest

Laura Priest is a senior social work major, psychology minor, at Siena College. She has served at North Albany Academy as a Classroom Aide, the Peter Young Foundation as an Employment Preparation Intern and Assistant Case Worker, and with the Siena-North Albany Girl Scout Troop 1430 as a Troop Leader. Laura also acts as the Student Administrator for the Bonner Web Based Recording System for the Siena Bonner Program. She has participated in various professionalism trainings and conferences including the Siena Leadership Institute, Summer Leadership Institute, INSPIRE Conference, and Bringing Theory to Practice Conference in Washington DC. This coming fall, Laura will be beginning her field placement for the Siena College Social Work Program at a local elementary school where she will lead social skill-building and emotional competence group sessions for children in grades 1-5 with behavioral disorders and other developmental delays. After she graduates, Laura plans to return to Massachusetts to attend graduate school and receive her MSW.

Nicholas Ramundo

Nicholas is a Sociology Major with a concentration in Social Work. He is a member of the Siena College Class of 2014. He is also completing the Siena College ACE Community Engagement Certificate. Nick currently serves at the Healy House, a residential school for children through Parsons Child and Family Center. He also serves with ACE as a leader of recruitment and training for the Bonner Service Leaders.