Get Answers to Your AmeriCorps Questions

Q: I've been accepted into AmeriCorps, now what?

A: Once a student had been accepted into AmeriCorps, he/she should complete the online AmeriCorps Orientation Training before enrolling as an official AmeriCorps Member.

Q: What is BWBRS? 

A: Bonner Web-Based Reporting System (BWBRS) is the tracking system used by Siena College and the Bonner Foundation to ensure that all service members engage in service that is meaningful and beneficial to the community. It is used for all hour tracking purposes and must also be utilized by your school as the site supervisor verification of hours.

Q: What is my username and password on BWBRS? 

A: Unless you have changed your password, the username is your e-mail address and the password is your last name.

Q: What is a CLA? 

A: A Community Learning Agreement (CLA) an agreement, which is completed at the beginning of each semester that the member creates with goals for completing their service and their hopes for the community they are working in. All CLAs must be completed before the start of service and are complimented by a service accomplishment at the end of each semester.

Q: How often should I sign hour logs? 

A: Monthly—students must sign by the first Friday of the month and Site Supervisors must sign by the 15th of each month.

Q: How do I create a new position or training? 

A: If you would like to create a new position or training and fit into one of the categories below, let us know about your idea by completing this survey.

  • To log hours against a position that is not available on BWBRS
  • Create a CLA against a position that is not available in BWBRS
  • To log hours for a Training or Enrichment Event that you attended

Q: Does the prohibited activity list mean that I can't engage in any political activities whatsoever while I'm enrolled in AmeriCorps?

A: Not necessarily. AmeriCorps members, like private citizens, may participate in lobbying, political, or advocacy activities on their own time, at their own expense, and at their own initiative. Members may not wear AmeriCorps logo items in such instances and may not count any hours spent engaged in these activities toward their AmeriCorps term.


For Site Supervisors

Q: Why isn’t Joe Smith showing up as a student in my list?

A: Joe Smith’s enrollment may not have been processed yet. Use the drop-down tab in the top left-hand corner to choose ‘All Statuses’ as compared to ‘Active.’ If the student is still not showing up, contact your AmeriCorps Administrator at Siena. 

Q: Why can’t I sign the member’s hours logs?

A: Many times this is because the student has not signed the hours yet. The signature process must go in the following order: Student→Site Supervisor→School Administrator. In this case, contact the member directly and ask them to sign their hour logs. 

Q: The member’s hours are incorrect, what should I do? 

A: Do not sign their hours—direct them to correct them before you can sign them.

For additional technical support, contact the following:

April Risley—Coordinator for ACE Quality Assurance and Youth Programs
Phone: 518.782.6989