Summer Student Policy 2014



The academic Summer Session is administered annually by the Office of Academic Affairs (Summer Session Coordinator), with coordination through the three Deans, the School Offices, and the Office of the Registrar.  Five academic terms are being offered during Summer 2014: two 4 week terms; one 6 week term; and an 8 week term. An additional July 2014 term, with limited course offerings open to Siena students, yet focused on High School Scholars, Visiting Students, and locally accepted Siena College Class of 2018 Freshmen, has also been scheduled. Deans recruit interested faculty members during September / October so to allow for initial compilation of the Schedule of Classes. An emphasis each year is placed on offering various Core courses, as well as a variety of other courses and major required /elective courses, in addition to independent studies and internships. Such diversity in offerings is most beneficial to increasing enrollment, and affording opportunities for part-time and Returning Adult Students. Full-time faculty members are compensated with an overload stipend, and part-time faculty members receive an adjunct contract. School Offices are required to submit expected faculty member names for contract administration purposes to the Office of Academic Affairs by mid-March, for budget planning / contract preparation. Registration for classes is conducted through BANNER commencing in November, in conjunction with Spring Semester registration and continues through the opening day of each term. Withdrawal and refund policies are published by the Registrar in conjunction with the Summer Schedule of Classes. All schedule information is published, updated as required, and distributed via hard copy to the School Offices, Advising Center, and the Athletics Department for faculty / advisor information, as well as posted at Final grades for all courses are to be submitted to the Office of the Registrar by Web for Faculty within one week of the end of each course. There are no Mid-Term grades used during Summer Session.



Courses are open to highly qualified and motivated High School Juniors and Seniors, whose High School Counselor or Principal recommends them for college level study. A limited number of seats are available. The objectives of the program are to allow students to explore new subject areas; allow students to explore possible career opportunities; allow students to study a subject in greater depth than may be possible in high school; and provide students with college campus experience. Currently, a normal Siena College three-credit hour course would cost $1500.00. Students selected for this program will receive a tuition discount for Summer 2014 in the amount of $750.00. The cost to each student will be only $750.00, plus the cost of the textbook(s). Students will receive a letter grade and full college credit for a completed course. Tuition costs are subject to change prior to the start of Summer Session. Instructors will be advised of a High School Scholar in their classes.

This credit will appear on a Siena College transcript. Students receive a Siena I.D. Card for the duration of their enrollment that will entitle them to full privileges on campus, which include use of the Marcelle Athletic Complex (MAC), computer labs, student computer accounts, the           J. Spencer and Patricia Standish Library, and more. Registration and coordination of students is managed by Dr. Peter Ellard, who can be reached at  or by phone at (518) 783-2341. There is no option for residential students.



The Siena Summer Scholars Program promotes inquiry and creativity by supporting scholarly activity in which faculty members and students collaborate during the summer. Student participation in scholarly activities fosters exploration and discovery by providing opportunities to design and carry out original research including evaluation, analysis, and synthesis of information or participation in a creative activity.

 Program Details and Eligibility

The proposal should be created by the mentoring faculty member, following the instructions below, and then uploaded using the  on-line application form found on the CURCA website (


Each proposal shall include:

·         A title and abstract for the project


·         A statement describing the proposed research or creative activity


·         A work plan or activity timeline.  A typical project’s duration is 6-8 weeks. Shorter projects will be given consideration. Maximum duration is 10 weeks.


·       A description of student participation, expected learning outcomes, and ways in which results will be measured.


·     A description of how the results of the activity will be disseminated (e.g., presentation by students and faculty at professional conferences, or publication in a journal or conference proceedings, exhibition, Siena’s Summer Research Symposium (required), Siena’s Academic Celebration, etc.)


·   A description of the efforts that will be made to leverage this work to seek external funds and continue/expand this work (if this is appropriate).


· A budget statement indicating the funds requested and how this money will be used. Typically, CURCA is unable to fund research-related expenses, but please include them if appropriate. Alternate sources of funding may be recommended. (Please see stipend information below.)


Stipend Information:

·         Students will receive payment in the form of a stipend as a Research or Project Assistant. The student stipend is taxable to the extent described by the IRS but taxes will not be withheld.


·         Stipends are calculated based on working 35 hours /week at an hourly rate of $9.00.


·         The total stipend will be paid to the student in 2-4 installments, depending on the length of the project.


·         The maximum faculty stipend is $1000.


·         A possible budget statement might, for example, request $1000 for the faculty member and $2520 for a student working 35 hours /week for an 8-week project at an hourly rate of $9.00 for a total of $3520. Another proposal might request $500 for the faculty member’s time and $1090 for a student for working 20 hours / week for 6 weeks at an hourly rate of $9.00. 



Dates of Significance:








 May 27, 2014 – August 2, 2014        


Please Note:

·         Faculty receiving funds must be returning as a full-time faculty member in Fall 2014.


·         Maximum stipend per student = $2520 for 8 weeks; maximum stipend per student = $3150 for 10 weeks. Students must be returning full or part-time students in good academic standing for Fall 2014.


·         Students must work 35 hours / week to live in campus housing and are responsible for the cost of housing and board.


·         The student stipends are taxable to the extent described by the IRS.


·         Students will be required to participate in the Summer Research Symposium and to complete a reflection paper at the end of the summer research experience. Further, their participation in CURCA seminars is highly encouraged and expected. (Anticipated seminars include: Creating the Research Poster; Presentation Skills Workshop; The Ethics of Research; Understanding the IRB Process; etc.)


·         The faculty member must submit by September 12, 2014 a report on what was accomplished with the funds. The College is understandably interested in the impact these funded activities have on our students. Additionally, we compile information on the students and faculty who have been, and will be, involved. In the final report, it is worth noting how involvement in the Summer Scholars Program may have affected their career / education plans.


·         Applications from faculty who received support during Summer Session 2013 will be considered but may have lower priority.


·         The three Academic Deans, the VPAA, and the Director of CURCA will make final selection of funded applications.


·         Ms. Sharon Finnerty (Director, Grants and Sponsored Programs), are available for consultation regarding external funding possibilities.






The Office of Academic Community Engagement can provide additional $1175 AmeriCorps Segal Education Awards for qualified Summer Scholars.  If your Summer Scholar's project is connected to a community need and involves a partnership with a non-profit entity, your student(s) may qualify.  AmeriCorps Education Awards are a unique tool available to us through our partnership with the Bonner Foundation and the Corporation for National and Community Service (CNCS).  These awards offer us an opportunity to realize the potential for blending rigorous academic work and community engagement and thereby exemplify the Franciscan Tradition and Mission of the College.  Awards also allow us to offer Siena Students, in need of economic assistance, additional assistance.
Students who complete 300 hours of qualified engagement will be eligible for a $1175 Segal Education Award from CNCS.  AmeriCorps Segal Education Awards may be used to pay qualified student loans or post-graduate higher education tuition.  Many graduate and professional schools will match these awards in aid at the time of enrollment.  If you believe that the Summer Scholar Project you have in mind may qualify, or you would like more information about the AmeriCorps Education Awards, please contact the Office of Academic Community Engagement by emailing Assistant Director, Dr. Ruth Kassel at or Program Coordinator, Ms. April Risley at



The Siena Summer Service Scholars Internship Program, administered by the Office of

Academic Community Engagement, offers students the opportunity to become

engaged in the community through an existing community-based partner project through the

AmeriCorps Summer of Service Program.  Participants serve as Summer Service Scholars for a

full-time, 8-10 week indirect or direct service term.  During this time, Summer Service Scholars

 have the chance to network and learn about core issues in the community while improving their

 professional skills. All Summer Service Scholars:


·         Are enrolled in and qualify for a $ 1,115 AmeriCorps Educational Award

·         Gain professional skills through entry-level work at a local nonprofit organization

·         Participate in weekly professional development opportunities

·         Priority application deadline is February 17

·         All placements will be made by April 14

·         Program Information / Website:



Students enrolled at the College during the academic Summer Session are responsible for compliance with all Siena College student policies, contained in Siena Life, and other pertinent policies. Additionally, students not enrolled in a specific course, but participating as a student researcher / / participant under the Siena Summer Scholars / Summer Service Scholars Programs or other similar Summer Research Programs / Independent Studies, or participating in other College – sponsored activities, including their receiving housing and meal plans, are also subject to the same compliance requirements.



Students enrolled at the College may be employed under the College Work Study Program, or under the College's "regular" payroll program, processed by the Business Affairs Office. The College Work Study Program is only available during the Fall and Spring Semesters. Student employment policies are available for review at  



Summer housing dates will be Sunday, May 25h through Saturday, August 2nd. Students must arrange their internships, employment, or research to correspond within these dates. Additionally, students who are registered for a Summer Session I  or III class will be permitted to move into summer housing the day before that class begins (earliest; Sunday, May 18th).  Students are not required to live on campus during the summer.

Summer Housing Policy: Students are eligible to reside in College housing during the summer if they meet one of the following categories:

1.    Employed 35 hours on campus, verified by the appropriate college office.

2.    Enrolled in two or more summer courses at Siena College.

3.    Employed on campus for 20 hours per week and enrolled in one summer class at        

       Siena College.   


4.    Student – athletes identified by the Athletics Department.

5.    Participant in an approved Siena College Internship Program.                      

           Note: The internship may be for credit or if not for credit, directly relevant to the student’s major or career, or other specialized program, such as Bonner Service Leaders. For the latter, the faculty advisor or appropriate Siena College representative must provide confirmation to the Office of Residential Life. To be eligible for summer housing based on an internship only, it must reflect 35 hours of work per week.  If the internship does not meet the 35 hours / week requirement, a student must be enrolled in another summer course at Siena College or be employed on campus for 20 hours per week. He / she will then be eligible to request on-campus housing.

6.  Participant in a Summer Research Program / Siena Summer Scholars Program / Siena Summer Service Scholars Internship Program / approved Independent Study.


           Note: To be eligible for summer housing, students in research programs and independent studies must reflect 35 hours / week in the specific program (confirmation must be submitted by the faculty advisor to the Office of Residential Life).  If the research // service program / independent study does not meet the 35 hours / week requirement, a student must be enrolled in another course at Siena College or be employed on campus for 20 hours per week.  He / she will then be eligible to reside on campus.

All students requesting Summer Housing are to submit a Housing Request to the Office of Residential Life by April 16, via the online application. For more information about summer housing, see  Upon the completion of the academic Summer Session, or when their courses / internship / research activities are completed, all students are required to vacate college housing. Any request to remain in summer housing after the defined dates (May 25th – August 2nd) should be addressed to the Office of Residential Life.

                 Residence Life Summer Staffing Support Plan

The Office of Residential Life selects Summer Residence Hall Assistants (RA), who are charged with maintaining a presence in the assigned Summer Session residence building; assisting student check in/outs; and serving on duty in the evenings, etc.  A Residence Hall Director (RD) is also on call, (reachable by cell phone 24 / 7) to assist Public Safety / Summer RAs in responding to student emergencies /concerns. Students residing in residence halls are responsible for adhering to all policies contained in Siena Life.

             Summer Meal Plans

All students residing on campus during the summer have the option to choose one of two available meal plans.  Students are not permitted to cook in the residence halls. Meal plans options consist of a 5-meal plan a week, or a 10-meal plan a week as offered by Siena College Dining Services and its posted hours of operation. Students can select not to have a meal plan.

                 Housing Charges

There are three options for summer housing billing: 1) Students may select summer housing only (without a meal plan) at a rate of $130 per week. 2) Students may select summer housing plus the 5-meal plan at a rate of $155/week. 3) Students may select summer housing plus the 10-meal plan at a rate of $180/week.  Padua Hall has been designated for summer housing and students will reside in triple-occupancy rooms containing private baths to be shared by the three residents.

Charges are billed on a weekly basis (Sunday – Saturday).  If a student departs housing during the week, he / she will continue to incur charges until that week’s billing period ends (the Saturday following the check-out).  Departments may not reimburse students for summer housing and/or meal plan costs or pay these costs directly, except for those students already identified in the “Student Employment Policy.”  Please note that for Summer Research students, the cost of their housing / meal benefit is considered taxable compensation. All inquiries for housing / meal charges which fall under the “Student Employment Policy” must be directed to the Associate Director / Coordinator of Student Accounts in the Office of Business Affairs.  The policy is available for review at  

                Early Arrival Waivers

RAs, Fall season student-athletes and other students, required to receive training immediately prior to the beginning of the Fall Semester, may request to arrive on campus before the Fall Semester begins and may be provided with room and board. All departments that require on-campus student training are encouraged to conduct the training during the Spring Semester before the students leave campus, if possible.