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Jeanne Obermayer
Student Affairs Compliance Officer
Sarazen Student Union, Room 320
FAX 518-782-6870

Risk Management in Event Planning

Risk Management for Event Planning

Risk is inherent is almost every activity. It surrounds us in our educational, business and personal lives. Learning how to identify, analyze, assess, control, avoid, minimize or eliminate unacceptable risks is a life skill needed by all.

Activities involving or sponsored by Siena College community members generally have risks associated with them; to best ensure appropriate management of those risks, all student club/organization leaders, club advisors and residential life staff are expected to complete this on-line training module.


Risk Management in Event Planning on-line training for club/organization leaders, advisors and residential life staff


Event Risk Management Planning Guidelines (includes directions for completing the Risk Factor Analysis Worksheet)

Risk Factor Analysis Worksheet (Must be completed for any event with one or more high risk factors.) This completed document must be reviewed by and signed off by the Director of Student Activities and Leadership Development or the department supervisor. Once they have initialed the document, it (along with copies of all relevant supporting documentation – e.g. contacts/agreements, waivers, etc.) must be submitted to the Student Affairs Compliance Officer for final approval. Confirmation of final approval will then be provided to Campus Scheduling to ensure a room reservation is not cancelled due to lack of approval.


1. Identify the event. (type, place, date, time, activities, attendees)

2. Does the event potentially involve any of the following high risk factors?

a. Alcohol (served or is there a possibility of participants being under the influence)

b. Minors (participants under 18) or VIPs

c. Transportation off campus

d. A contract/signed agreement

e. Physical activity by any participants

f. Size of the event > 50 people

g. Rides/Inflatables/Mechanical Devices

h. Event occurring outdoors

i. Sale of any items (food, t-shirts, etc.)

j. Event is advertised/open to the public

k. Use of Siena name/logo

l. Potential of outside media attention

m. Any type of political activity

n. Amplified Sound

o. Animals

p. Fire/explosives/combustibles

3. If the event has any of the above listed risks, the Risk Factor Analysis Worksheet must be completed, reviewed and approved by the Director of Director of Student Activities and Leadership Development or the department supervisor (Residence Director, Director of the Sr. Thea Bowman Women’s Center, etc.) at least two weeks in advance of the event. Once they have approved and initialed the form, it must go to the Student Affairs Compliance Officer (with all relevant supporting documentation) for final approval. Please check the Club and Organization Manual to ensure all deadlines are met (i.e. contracts require additional lead time.

4. Rooms may be reserved no campus pending final approval and completion of the Risk Factor Analysis Worksheet. Event planners are encouraged to begin the planning and approval process well in advance of their event to ensure appropriate time to identify and mitigate potential risks. Room reservations without final approval will be cancelled one week prior to the schedule date.

5. Directions for completing the Risk Factor Analysis Worksheet using the Risk Factor Analysis Tool are on the following pages. If you have any questions regarding the process or how to identify/reduce risk, please contact any of the personnel identified in item j on the next page.

If you have any questions about an event you are considering, you are always encouraged to contact any of the following individuals:

· Director of Student Activities and Leadership Development ( )
· Student Affairs Compliance Officer (
· College Risk Officer (
· Assistant Vice President for Student Affairs/Director of Public Safety (
· Assistant Director of Safety, Public Safety (
· Director of Community Living (