Jeanne Obermayer
Student Affairs Compliance Officer
Siena Hall, Room 103D

Training and Forms


Risk Management in Event Planning on-line training for club/organization leaders, advisors and residential life staff



Event Risk Management Planning Guidelines (includes directions for completing the Risk Factor Analysis Worksheet)

Risk Factor Analysis Tool (this form must be completed for any event potentially involving any of the following risk factors (regardless of whether the event is occurring on or off campus) require the completion for the Risk Factor Analysis Worksheet prior to an event being approved by the College.) A completed copy of the form must be signed by the director of Student Activities and Leadership Development or designee/supervisor or advisor) and a copy must be provided to the Student Affairs Risk Officer.

Risk Factors
a. Alcohol (served or is there a possibility of participants being under the influence)
b. Minors (participants under 18) or VIPs
c. Transportation off campus
d. A contract/signed agreement
e. Physical activity by any participants
f. Size of the event > 50 people
g. Rides/Inflatables/Mechanical Devices
h. Event occurring outdoors
i. Sale of any items (food, t-shirts, etc.)
j. Event is advertised/open to the public
k. Use of Siena name/logo
l. Potential of outside media attention
m. Any type of political activity
n. Amplified Sound
o. Animals
p. Fire/explosives/combustibles