Diversity Programs

At Damietta, we offer a variety of programs for the Siena community to promote inclusiveness, diversity and social justice. 

Cross-Cultural Solidarity Experience

The cross-cultural solidarity experience program provides cross-cultural learning opportunities for students both inside and outside the classrooms. The program enhances students' knowledge about diversity and offers opportunities for students to learn about another cultures through interactive activities. 

Examples of courses: 

Econ 362 by Dr. Cruz Caridad Bueno: Students in this course have opportunities to learn Latin American and Caribbean Economic Development. 

First Year Seminar by Dr. Peter Ellard: Students in this course have opportunities to interact with Buddhist monks and develop a deeper understanding about Buddhism.  

Interested Faculty, please click here for more information. 

Cross-Cultural Training Institute

The Cross-Cultural Training Institute is a program that provides students with an opportunity to develop skills and knowledge to be an effective facilitator and peer leader to Siena students who are involved in the Cross-Cultural Solidarity Experience program.

Diversity Workshops

  • Ally Training: This workshop provides participants with the skill set to be an effective ally for the LGBTQ members of our community. 
  • Intercultural Dialogue: This workshop aims to help students to gain skills to engage in intercultural dialogues with others. 
  • What Would you Do?: This workshop provides students with strategies for promoting inclusive communities.
  • Game of Enlightenment: An interactive life size board game where participants can learn about privilege and social identities. 

Heritage Month Celebration

  • Latino/a Heritage Month
  • LGBT History Month
  • Native American Heritage Month
  • Black History Month
  • Women's History Month
  • Asian-Pacific American Heritage Month