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Employment of Foreign Nationals

The College will sponsor and prepare petitions with the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services Bureau of the Department of Homeland Security (“USCIS”) for foreign nationals to obtain H-1B status in the United States, which will allow them to work at the College for a specified period of time. Only specialty occupations will qualify for H-1B status under applicable federal law. Furthermore, the federal government imposes certain wage restrictions which the College may not be able to meet in all cases. Accordingly, whether the College will sponsor the H-1B status for a particular position will be determined on a case-by-case basis.

The College will coordinate H-1B petitions, along with petitions needed for the foreign national’s family members. The College will pay for all required H-1B filing fees and applicable legal fees, except those relating to the foreign national’s
family members’ petitions.  The College will also sponsor eligible foreign nationals in their petitions for permanent residency. Please note that not all employees will be considered eligible for sponsorship. Whether an employee is eligible for sponsorship will be determined by the Vice President overseeing the area in which the employee works. The College will not prepare these petitions, but will maintain a list of qualified attorneys, who can assist the individual foreign national. All legal fees and other related costs in filing a petition for permanent residency, except for those relating to the required labor certification, will be borne by the foreign national. The College will pay for all costs and fees, including legal fees, related to the required labor certification application, which is filed with the U.S. Department of Labor.  All foreign nationals, who do not have permanent residency status at the time of their initial appointment, should contact the Office of Human Resources soon after receiving their appointment letters to ensure they receive the necessary employment authorization from USCIS prior to their actual employment at the
College. In addition, faculty members with classroom teaching duties should contact the Office of Human Resources within 12 months of being offered the position to make certain that there is sufficient time to prepare and file a labor certification case, should they be eligible for sponsorship.  

Revised April 2013