G.O.L.D. Scholar George Lopez '15





George Lopez ’15

GOLD Scholar 2013-2014


From the very first time that George Lopez came to Siena he was attracted to the energy that he says radiates from the campus. The people at Siena are ‘dedicated and passionate’ Lopez said and ultimately he chose Siena because “There’s a real family-like atmosphere here at Siena.

George Lopez came to Siena from Troy HS with a strong background in serving others and giving back through community service. Serving as a Bonner Service Leader at Green Tech High has been a wonderful way for George to pursue these interests. The Bonner program is a four year commitment for a student at one service site in the Albany area that combines service with academics and career goals. Aside from his service at Green Tech, Lopez is very actively involved in the classroom. When discussing his courses, Lopez becomes very excited and passionate discussing a Philosophy class he took with Fanny Soderback, called Philosophical Perspectives on Diversity. “It was definitely a turning point for me,” he said. “We learned about privilege, feminism, and tried to answer questions about stereotypes.” The class was essentially student-led. It was also this class that gave Lopez some ideas to use at his service site, Green Tech. “I thought it might be a good idea to expose the guys at Green Tech to different perspectives, which is why I am trying to bring the Women’s Center to the school for an event or a workshop.”

When asked what he most wants people to know about him and his experience at Siena George Lopez says "I want people to know it was not an easy transition for me from Troy to Loudonville and this community supported me financially and emotionally." George is grateful for the financial support he receives because he wouldn’t be able to afford Siena without it. The College is pleased to name him as one of the first recipients of the scholarships supported by the Graduates of the Last Decade.

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