AmeriCorps Term Suspension and Reinstatement



Members wishing to suspend should contact the AmeriCorps Administrator AT LEAST 15 days before the desired suspension date.

Members wishing to re-instate should contact the AmeriCorps Administrator AT LEAST 15 days before the desired re-enrollment date. The member must also provide proper documentation if he/she has been suspended for more than 30 days.

Documentation includes:

  1. Unexpired Government Issued Photo ID *AND*
  2. Birth Certificate


  1. Unexpired US Passport

A member is eligible to suspend from his/her AmeriCorps term if the member demonstrates and provides proof of:

  1. The Member has a serious injury or illness that makes completing the term impossible;
  2. there is a serious injury, illness or death of an immediate family member which makes completing the term unreasonably difficult or impossible for the Member;
  3. the Member is required to fulfill Military Service obligations;
  4. the Member has accepted an opportunity to make the transition from welfare to work; or
  5. some other unforeseeable circumstance beyond the Member’s control makes it impossible or unreasonably difficult for the Member to complete the term of service, such as a natural disaster, a strike, relocation of a spouse, or the non-renewal or premature closing of a project or the Program, and the Program deems the circumstance to be compelling.


  1. The member wishes to study abroad

Compelling circumstances do NOT include leaving the Program:

  1. To enroll in school;
  2. to obtain employment, other than in moving from welfare to work; or,
  3. because of dissatisfaction with the Program.

Members must submit sufficient documentation of the Personal Compelling Circumstance in order to be exited with a partial award.