G.O.L.D. Scholar Ryan Murphy 14




Ryan Murphy ’14

GOLD Scholar 2013-2014


Ryan ‘Murph’ Murphy, class of 2014 came to Siena College from upstate New York to pursue a Political Science Degree. His first visit to Siena was in the pouring rain, and despite this, Murphy was immediately attracted to the beautiful campus and the friendly nature of everyone he encountered that day. Three years later Murphy is President of our Student Senate and one of the friendly faces our prospective students' encounter on visits.

Murphy loves helping people and Siena is a place where he has been able to whether through Alex’s Lemonade Stand, Relay for Life or his work on Student Senate. After a semester as Student Senate President, Murphy says some of his proudest accomplishments are securing a t.v. mounted display board in almost every building on campus to highlight campus-wide events and a “Saints Give Back” barbecue run by students to thank faculty and staff. “One of the best things you can do is give back,” said Murphy. He is grateful for all of the support he has been given from faculty and staff on campus, especially in Campus Programs. “Siena has given me so many opportunities to be involved and to get things done,” Murphy said. “My experiences in Campus Programs have taught me so much about office dynamics and professionalism and their support when it comes to questions about who to contact for what or how to go about doing something is phenomenal.”

Murphy has found pursuing his degree at Siena to be a wonderful experience - he enjoys small classes and Professors who inspire him. “The small class sizes at Siena allow for a layer of friendship that you wouldn’t get at a larger school,” Murphy said when talking about the value of a small school. As a Political Science major, Murphy says his favorite classes are taught by Political Science professor Dr. Vera Eccarius-Kelly. “She’s so passionate,” he said about Dr. Eccarius-Kelly. He recognizes his learning environment has created opportunities for him to learn collaboration and how to present oneself and command attention. Siena has also provided him with the opportunity for an internship in Senator Schumer’s office, participating in legislative research.

Murphy wouldn’t want to be anywhere else. Siena, he says, is giving him great opportunities to be involved, make a difference, and ultimately preparing him for life after college. He said he is grateful for the opportunities provided to him by Alumni, parents and friends of the College and happy to be one of Siena's first Graduates Of the Last Decade Scholars.


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