Office of Community Living

Parent Resources

The transition into college can be challenging. At Siena College your student has many resources to assist in this transition as well as the transition out of college and all of the challenges that they face in between. The Office of Community Living builds individual relationships with all of our students in order to inform and empower them to help themselves through this time and to make their college experience unique and meaningful. As a parent or guardian you play a incredible role in your student's development, but now that they are living away from home they are facing new issues on their own. Here are some resources that you can use and point your student to in order to help them help themselves while they are at Siena.

What items should I send with my son/daughter? What items should they keep at home?

What are some important dates that I can put on my calendar?

My son/daughter was very involved in high school. What kind of opportunities for involvement will they have at Siena?

What are the dimensions of the bedrooms?

What can I do if my son/daughter is feeling homesick or is not adjusting?

What should I do if my son/daughter isn’t getting along with his/her roommate(s)?

Who can I call to check in on my son/daughter?

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