Innovations in Teaching Using Technology Grants

Innovations in Teaching Using Technology Grants 2013-2014



Sponsored by the Center for Teaching and Learning (CTL) and Information Technology Services (ITS), these grants are intended to fund and promote the exploration of practical approaches to teaching with technology. Preference will be given to proposals that are innovative, scalable, adaptable, and applicable to teaching.  An innovation is not only the introduction of a new idea, product, or method, but also one that underscores the need for change. Examples of such innovations include (but are not limited to): hybrid course design, lecture capture, discussion boards, collaborative teaching, or electronic portfolios where approaches to pedagogy and good teaching practices are advanced.



●Evidence of the integration of technology into the curriculum will be a primary factor in awarding the grant.

●Assessment of a learning outcome must be a component of any proposal.

●Awarded funds may be used for the purchase of hardware and software.

●Collaboration with the CTL and ITS is required. The level of support will vary based on the project.

●A final report outlining the nature of the technological innovation must be submitted by the end of the project to the Director of the CFEI, the Deputy CIO of ITS and the Vice President of Academic Affairs. A presentation to the faculty is also required.

●Proposals from all three schools and the Library are welcome.

No more than two consecutive grants may be awarded to an individual.

● Joint proposals may be submitted by two or more faculty where collaboration is an essential element in the proposal.

●Grant Awards will range from $500 to $1,000


Review of Proposals:

A review committee comprised of the Director of the CTL, the Deputy CIO of ITS, and three members of the Governance in Technology Committee will evaluate and award proposals based on innovation, scalability, adaptability, and applicability to teaching.


Deadline: Applicants should submit their proposals to Claire Parham, Director of the Center for Teaching and Learning by November 14, 2013 at









Application Form for Innovations in Teaching Using Technology Grants:


Name (s): _________________________________________________

Department: ________________________________________________

Email: ________________                                                                 Telephone: _____________

Date Submitted: ______________________

Title of Proposal: ____________________________________________________________

Course(s) Involved: _________________________________________________________


Outline of Information to be Addressed by the Proposal: (Limited to no more than three (3) pages:

1.       A brief statement of the intent of the project focusing on defining how the desired outcome will improve student learning goals or improve an existing classroom or course issue.

2.      Objectives of the proposal: How they meet the criteria of innovation, scalability, and adaptability.

3.      Description of the specific innovation.

4.      Required pedagogical and technological support.

5.      Plans for evaluating and sustaining the innovation.

6.      Budget. Describe the essential technology and estimated costs.