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Marketing the Survey

  1. Advertising the survey on your campus is the single most important component of the entire NASCE process!  Ensuring that we receive an adequate response rate is crucial, and is largely dependent on how good of a job institutions do at getting the word out there about the NASCE.

  2. Because we know this can be a daunting task, SRI has put together this Deployment and Marketing Strategies Packet, which contains a list of best practices, sample email templates, and customizable flyers.

  3. Throughout the marketing process, it is very important to obtain support from your institution’s President, Faculty Members, Administrators, and Student Leaders.

  4. The survey link itself can be broadcast around campus, and we encourage you to send it out in e-newsletters, email announcements, on web pages, etc… Get the word out there!

  5. You know your school better than we do, so be creative in your marketing strategies and do what you think will work best for your students!