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Siena recognizes that no two students are alike. Students with learning, physical, or psychological disabilities may need accommodations to ensure equal access to Siena's educational programs. 

In order to apply for accommodations you must first register with SSD by completing the steps outlined here and discussing your needs with the Director. Students are encouraged to register as soon as they commit to attending Siena. Although a student may choose to register at any point during their time at the College, accommodations are not retroactive. The student must provide appropriate documentation which should be forwarded from the student’s high school, certified psychologist, licensed or otherwise properly credentialed professional. It should provide information which establishes a disability, describes the functional limitations of the disability, how it inhibits a major life function and suggests reasonable accommodations. Accommodations requests are considered on a case by case basis.  

Reasonable Accommodations Offered:

Accommodations are to enable students with disabilities to equally participate in and benefit from the College’s programs, services, and activities, provided that such accommodations would not:

  • Fundamentally alter the nature or operation of the College’s academic programs, services, or activities
  • Cause undue burden to the College
  • Pose a direct threat to the health or safety of others.

Temporary Accommodations

At times students will provide documentation which is incomplete, not current, or is otherwise insufficient.  However, if the information provided seems legitimate, at the Director's discretion, temporary accommodations may be granted for one semester with the understanding that the student will use the time to complete, update or otherwise make sufficient the relevant documentation.

Special Accommodations

Students may request medically related accommodations for housing, meals, parking, etc through Siena College's Health Services Office. Information regarding these requests can be found by clicking here

Temporary Impairments

Students with temporary impairments (e.g., broken arm or sprained ankle) can contact Services for Students with Disabilities with any questions or concerns. Depending on the nature of the impairment, the student may be able to receive some form of assistance. Possible supportive services include:

Note-Taking Assistance
Extended time on tests
Use of a laptop in the classroom or for a test
Temporary accessible parking permit

If you have suffered a temporary injury and need to discuss an accommodation, please contact SSD.