Student Payroll

Located on Level 1 of the Trustco Bank Center, the payroll office is responsible for the timely and accurate payment of all Siena College employees including faculty, administrators, staff, and students.  The payroll office works closely with the Office of Human Resources to ensure that biweekly and semi monthly employee payments and deductions are processed in accordance with Federal, State, and local regulations. 

This site has been developed to provide Siena student employees and respective supervisors with  the necessary employment eligibility and tax forms along with other required forms and schedules. It is designed to assist with the autonomy of Federal, NYS, and College payroll forms, direct deposit enrollment forms, pay schedules, as well as a host of other important student - centered payroll information.      

Payroll for student employees is processed biweekly.  All time sheets must be approved by the supervisor on record before submitting to the payroll office. It is not only the students responsibilty to complete and submit his/her time sheets accurately and on time, but also the responsibility of the assigned supervisor to ensure time sheets are correctly represented.  Failure to submit timecards by the submission deadline may result in delayed payment. 

Payroll checks are issued biweekly, every other Friday, for the two-week period ending with the previous Friday.  Student employees may elect to have their pay deposited directly into their savings or checking accounts via the College Direct Deposit Program.  Students are encoraged to sign up for direct deposit, and may do so by completing the appropriate form(s) found in the forms section of this site.