Department Chair

  • James C. Harrison
    Professor of History
    Kiernan Hall 228

History Honors Program

Students with high academic achievement, regardless of their major, are invited to participate in Honors seminars. Freshmen are chosen on the basis of SAT scores and their high school record. Students who maintain a cumulative index of 3.3 and complete a minimum of four Honors seminars with a B+ average will be eligible for a certificate of Honors in History upon graduation. Admission to the seminars is by permission of the department head.
Instead of HIST101, Honors students take HIST—190. Level I Honors Seminar: Shaping of the Contemporary World 3 credits. This seminar fulfills the core requirements of three credits in history for those students who qualify. (ATTR: ARTS, CDH, HNRS)
Each semester at least one of the following history honors courses will be available.  The content will vary based on the professor, but every effort will be made to offer one American and one European or Non-Western upper-division honors history course:
HIST—390. Honors Seminar: Selected Research Topics 3 credits (ATTR: ARTS, HNRS)
HIST—490. Honors Seminar: Selected Research Topics 3 credits (ATTR: ARTS, HNRS)