Requirements of Courses

Courses in the Franciscan Service & Advocacy Minor
3 credits from:
RELG—401 Franciscan Tradition
1 credit from: INSA—400 Seminar in Franciscan Service and Advocacy
1 to 3 credits from: INSA—480 Internship in Franciscan Service and Advocacy
12 credits of the following courses (no more than 6 credits in one department):
ATDV 200   Interdisciplinary Studies: Human Power
BUDV 305   Business Ethics*
EDUC 210   Issues in Contemporary American Education*
EDUC 261   Foundation of Language and Literacy*
ENVA 120   Introduction to Environmental Ethics
ENGL 285   Topics in English: Literature of Peace and Justice
PCST 101    Introduction to Peace Studies
PCST 240    Topics in Peace Studies
                   Economics of Poverty (cross-listed ECON—490)
                   Children in War and Work (cross-listed POSC—359)
PCST 250    Empowerment, Social Action and Personal Transformation
PHIL 210      Ethics*
POSC 265    Public Policy
POSC 360    Environmental Politics
POSC 310    Interest Group Politics
POSC 485    Internship in Legislative Process
POSC 489    Internship in Public Service Studies
PSYC 120    Psychology of Women
PSYC 260    Social Psychology
RELG 265    Introduction to Catholic Social Teaching
RELG 270    Religion and the Environment
RELG 300    Topics in Religious Studies (when topic is appropriate)
RELG 360    Morals and Medicine
RELG 401    Franciscan Tradition (if not used as required course)
RELG 445    Liberation Theology
SOCI 101    The Sociological Perspective
SOCI 120    Current Social Problems in America
SOCI 210    Race and Ethnic Relations
SOCI 220    Collective Behavior and Social Movements
SOCI 240    Sociology of Aging
SOCI 260    Deviant Behavior
SOCI 350    Social Stratification and Mobility
SOCI 375    Comparative Health Care Systems
SWRK 100  Introduction to Social Welfare and Social Work
SWRK 466  Topics in Social Work

*Courses offered with attributes in accordance with the Franciscan Service and Advocacy

For information regarding a minor in Franciscan Service and Advocacy please refer to the Siena College Catalogue