First, students interested in Siena College’s Teacher Certification program must complete four education core courses as a prerequisite for admission to the program.


EDUC 210 – Issues in Contemporary American Education (includes 10-hour field experience)

EDUC 260 – Educational Psychology (includes 20-hour field experience)

EDUC 261 – Foundations of Language and Literacy (includes 20-hour field experience)

EDUC 365 - Exceptioanal and At-Risk Learners (includes 20-hour field experience)


Second, applicants must receive approval from an Education Professions Committee (EPC). This interdisciplinary review committee considers many factors, among them:


  • Academic record (applicants must maintain an Education GPA of at least 3.0 and meet the academic and overall GPA requirements established by their academic departments);
  • Portfolio (including writing in the applicant’s subject area, specified graded assignments from education courses, and reflective writing related to initial teacher preparation);
  • Demonstrated success in working with students in an educational setting (documented by Siena’s Field Experience Activity Record and Assessment);
  • Evaluation and recommendation by the student’s academic major department;
  • Evaluation and recommendation by the Education Department.

Once admitted to the program, students complete the Professional Year, which consists of the following:

First Semester

EDUC 481 – Instructional Theory and Practice in Inclusive Classrooms (includes two 20-hour field experiences)


Second Semester

EDUC 487 – Clinical Experience in the Middle School

EDUC 488 – Clinical Experience in the High School

EDUC 461 – Literacy in Middle and High Schools

EDUC 495 – Drug, Alcohol, & Tobacco Workshop
EDUC 496 – Child Abuse and School Violence Workshop


In addition, students may extend their New York State certification to include a grade 5/6 extension by completing the following courses: 


EDUC 385 – Teaching and Learning in the Middle School (includes 20-hour field experience)

EDUC 360 – Adolescence and Schooling (includes a 20-hour field experience)