Department Chair

  • Erich Hertz
    Associate Professor of English
    Kiernan Hall 214
    (518) 782-6896


        The English Department introduces students to literary cultures from across the world.  Grounded in the Franciscan and liberal arts traditions, our mission is to explore the diversity of the human experience and to foster respectful dialogue and debate about the historical, social, theoretical, and ethical concerns that emerge from the careful reading of literary texts.

        Our students choose from a wide variety of courses dedicated to the rigorous analysis of texts in all their forms, including prose (fiction and nonfiction), poetry, drama, graphic novels, photography, and film.  During their tenure at Siena, our majors acquire skills essential to critical inquiry and, through their own writing, they learn the arts of personal expression and persuasive argumentation.

        We expect our English majors to graduate with a passion for reading, a commitment to the self-reflective and ethical use of language, and an openness to the new perspectives and possibilities that diverse reading encourages.  These qualities prove invaluable to our students whether they pursue careers in education, law, public service, writing, or the arts.


English Major Profile

  • Name:  Mark Martinez '16
    Hometown: Brooklyn, NY
  • Why did you choose Siena College? I chose to come to Siena because I really appreciated the strong sense of community here.
  • Why English? I decided to be an English Major because I've always had a passion for literature as a whole, and I've enjoyed the versatility that comes with the English degree at Siena.  I couldn't imagine majoring in anything else.
  • What has been your most meaningful experience at Siena?  Going through the summer RA training program.  I learned a lot about working with others and met so many fantastic people.
  • What's the best book you've recently read? Gardens of the Moon, by Steven Erikson.
  • What are your plans for the future? I plan to study abroad in Argentina and then pursue a graduate degree in Comparative Literature.
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