Below is one suggested four year curriculum for students in the Siena - AMC program.  There are many plans that student can follow.

Freshman Year 

 Fall Semester (15 credit hours)  Spring Semester (15 credit hours)
 General Biology I (4Cr)  General Biology II (4Cr)
 General Chemistry I (4Cr) (CDN)  General Chemistry II (4Cr)
 Calculus I (4Cr) (CDQ)  Calculus II (4Cr)
 First Year Seminar-Honors (3Cr) (CFY)  First Year Seminar Honors (3Cr) (CFY)



Sophomore Year   

 Fall Semester (17 credit hours)  Spring Semester (16 credit hours)
Cell Biology (4Cr)  Molecular Genetics (3Cr)
Organic Chemistry I (4Cr)  Organic Chemistry II (4Cr)
Philosophy 101 or 103  (3Cr)  (CDP)  Religious Studies 101,141,121 or 181 (3Cr) (CDR)
History 101  (3Cr) (CDH)  Philosophy 200 or higher (3Cr)
Writing/Researching Skills for Biology (3Cr)  Psychology 100 (3Cr) (CDS)


Junior Year     

 Fall Semester (16 credit hours)   Spring Semester (18 credit hours)
Population Elective (3Cr) Morphology Elective (4Cr)
General Physics I (4Cr) General Physics II (4Cr)
Ethics (3Cr) (CFJ) Core Franciscan Concern  (CFH) (3Cr)
Creative Arts (3Cr) (CDA) Humanities Minor (3Cr)

Philosophy 200 or higher (3Cr)

 AMC Junior Seminar (1Cr)
   *Honors Research Colloquium (3 Cr)


Summer of Service 


Senior Year 

 Fall Semester (16+ credit hours)      Spring Semester (14+ credit hours)
 Physiology Elective (4Cr) Biochemistry (4Cr)
 RELG 360 Morals and Medicine (3Cr) SWRK 200   (3Cr)
 Humanities Minor (3Cr) Humanities Minor (3Cr)
  Humanities Minor (3Cr)
 Core Franciscan Concern (CFD) (3Cr)  AMC Senior Seminar (1Cr)
 * Honors Senior Thesis (1-5 Cr)  * Honors Senior Thesis (1 -5 Cr)


In addition to the two FYSM Honors classes, AMC students must take 2 additional liberal arts courses as Honors courses.

Students must take a Core Franciscan Concern Nature (CFN). Some Biology course can also count as a CFN.

Students must complete a minor in the School of Liberal Arts.
These courses may double dip as core courses or those auxillary courses required for the major.

 *Honors Research Colloquium and Honors Thesis are only required for those wishing to complete the  Honors Program.