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Records Management Orientation

Records Management Department

Pat Markley, Records Manager
(518) 782 - 4196;

Les Talma, Records Manager Assistant
(518) 782-6871;


To provide a systematic, cost-effective approach to the management of all records created, received, and maintained by the College, and to ensure those records determined to be of enduring value are preserved and made available for use by authorized users.

Records Management

A program to manage Siena’s records from creation to final disposition – either to Archives or the Records Center for permanent retention, or to destruction according to properly authorized disposition schedules.

What is a Record? 

A record is any recorded information, regardless of physical format, which is created, received or maintained by any department or individual in the College.

This includes paper documents such as letters, memos, completed forms, directives, and reports; photographs, maps, drawings, microfilm; motion pictures; sound recordings; audio and video tapes; computer tapes and disks.

College Archives

 Standish Library houses the College’s historical records, which include:
• Siena History
• Records of Presidents and Board of Trustees
• Photographs, films, slides and videotapes
• Memorabilia
• Theses, student newspapers, yearbooks
• Newspaper clipping file

Staff: Fr. Julian Davis, archivist

Records Center

The Records Centers in Foy and Hennepin Halls provide cost effective, centralized storage for legal or administrative reasons, for inactive records not referenced enough to warrant storage in expensive office space.

To assure confidentiality, departments may access only their own records. Access to records of another department requires authorization, in advance, from that department.

Why Store in the Records Center?

   • Area specifically designed for storage of records
   • Less expensive than office space
   • Safe and secure
   • Offers destruction in the proper manner
   • Protects the College from potential litigation 

Records Center Locations:

      •­­Records are housed in Foy Hall and Hennepin Hall

Assistance to Departments

  RM staff is available to work with department personnel to:
     • Provide assistance and advice
     • Determine who holds the ‘official copy ’
     • Determine legal and administrative need
     • Determine where records should be physically maintained
     • Provide Records Retrieval Service
     • Monitor retention and disposition
     • Maintain communication with the Department Liaisons

Retention and Disposition Schedules

A comprehensive listing of records series by department, indicating for each series the length of time it is to be maintained in the office, in the Records Center, and when and if the series may be destroyed. 

To Arrange Transfer of Records

     • Contact the Records Center at 782-4196 or
     • Determine the Record Series (i.e., the category) (The Records Manager is available to help with this)
     • The Records Manager then researches the Retention Schedules of other institutions to find similar records categories and how long they are retained
     • Once an agreement is made on the retention period, the Records Manager will create or update the Retention Schedule for your Department and send a copy to you

Sorting Through Your Files

   Before you send documents to the Records Center: 
     • Discard any files that no longer have any value
     • Eliminate duplicate copies, stencils / galleys / masters / stock copies of publications, and supplies from files
     • Transfer from binders and hanging files to manila folders
     • Remove all metal paper clips (plastic is OK)
     • Bind records together with string (not rubber bands, which deteriorate) or pack in envelopes before boxing
     • Please make sure all records and boxes are dry and free of mold 

To Deposit Records

1. Pack records
        •Use records cartons (available from Records Center)
        •Follow packing instructions provided by Records Center
        •No wet or moldy records or boxes can be accepted
2. Fill out Contents List for each box
3. Number the boxes
4. Fill out the Records Transfer form and put inside Box 1
5. Call Records Center to arrange transport
6.  The RM Assistant will come to the Department to make sure everything is in order and properly labeled before the boxes are transported. This helps to make retrieval easier.
7.  Records Center will send back a listing of boxes / folders with accession number and location numbers for your boxes.

Keep listings to use when you need a box or folder retrieved! 

Packing Instructions

     • All files in a box must have the same retention period
     • If possible, all files in a box should belong to the same category
     • Place manila folders in the box, as in a file drawer, with file labels visible
     • Do not overfill boxes
     • Remove all metal clips, staples,, rubber bands, etc.
     • Fill out the Contents List for each box and put it in the box. (Not on the outside) Put a copy of the Records Transfer Form in Box #1. Keep a copy for yourself. 

To Retrieve Records from the Records Center

     • Send an e-mail to or call x4196.  (e-mail preferred)
     • Provide Records Center with Accession Number, Location Number, and name(s) of file(s) needed (from the listing of transferred records you received from the Records Center)
     • The Records Center can usually deliver records by the end of the next business day. Some emergency retrieval may be available.
     • Return records promptly along with copy of loan form. Records must be returned within 30 days.  

Destruction of Records in the Records Center

     • When the Retention Period is completed for a Records Series, RM staff will send you an Authorization to Destroy Records Form
     • Department head and appropriate Vice President authorize the destruction
     • Records destroyed. Confidential records are shredded. We use an outside company for destruction.
     • Note: some records are retained permanently. 

Files Management Hints

     • Establish an office file plan – and stick to it!
     • File records when they are not being used
     • Break the “extra copy” habit
     • Separate personal material from office files
     • When changing jobs, leave office files in the office
     • Purge files on an annual basis – according to the Schedule 


    •Records created in the course of business at Siena College are the property of Siena College.  This includes paper records and electronic records.

    •It is your responsibility to create and maintain records to adequately document your department’s efforts.

    •Disposition of obsolete records saves time, money, and helps protect the College from litigation.