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Find available study abroad opportunities by searching through our Approved Programs or by visiting the International Programs Office, Foy 301.  

If you are a first-year student, review the Helpful Hints for Freshmen.

Meet with your Academic Advisor

It's important to discuss your study abroad plans with your Academic Advisor. Planning ahead can help make study abroad a reality for all students. Remember, every major is eligible to study abroad.

Meeting with the Director of International Programs

A meeting with the Director of International Programs is required to proceed with the application process.  Contact the Office of International Programs to schedule an appointment.

Approved Programs

Approved programs allow for an easy transfer of course credits and financial aid and all billing is pre-arranged through Siena College.  If you choose an Approved Program, you are in most cases allowed to maintain your financial aid and scholarship package.  If there is a valid reason, you may petition the Director of International Programs for authorization to attend a program that does not appear on the Approved Programs list, however, you may not be able to use Siena scholarship or grant monies.  

Program Application

Since most programs have rolling admissions, the sooner you apply the better, as some may close before the published deadline. Be aware that different programs have different application guidelines -- requirements may vary widely.

Note - seats in all programs are filled on a first come, first served basis.  The best way to get into the program you want is to apply early.

Meeting with the Dean

Meet with the Assistant Dean of your appropriate school to have your Study Abroad Equivalency Form (used to pre-approve the courses that you will take abroad) filled out and authorized. Only by doing this can you be sure of receiving credit for the classes you take while abroad. Do not web register in addition to this.


Apply for a passport or make sure your current passport is up to date. Remember that applying for a passport may take months, so begin early. Passport applications are available at your local Post Office, the Office of International Programs or online.  For more information and for the online application go to Passport Services Information. 


A visa is a travel document used in conjunction with the passport. It is issued by the host country and grants entry for a limited period of time and for a particular purpose, such as a six-month student visa or a tourist visa. Your study abroad program will inform you of the need for a visa.  The visa process is quite lengthy.  Your program will also send you information on how to apply for the visa. In most cases you will need to visit the consulate nearest to your place of permanent residence. Consulates are located in most major U.S. cities.

A visa may take weeks to process, or it may take less than an hour. It varies from consulate to consulate, so advance planning is important. Search the website (as soon as you have sent your application) for the embassy of your host country to find out the requirements, including possible fees.

Please be aware that the visa application process for some countries may require students to surrender their passport for several weeks prior to the start of a study abroad program. These consular requirements may impact students' independent travel plans.  Visa requirements should be investigated and considered by all applicants prior to planning independent travel before studying abroad. 

ISIC / Insurance

Purchase the ISIC international student identity card through the Office of International Programs. The ISIC card provides you with accident and medical insurance coverage while you are traveling. It is required for all Siena students studying abroad.

The card may lead to discount rates for air travel and international mobile phones and SIM cards. It serves as proof of student status, which your Siena ID does not.

Note that some programs provide the ISIC card as a courtesy to its students. Check with your study abroad program to determine if the ISIC is provided.

Although the ISIC provides you basic coverage, you are advised to check with your current insurance plan to be sure you will have adequate medical coverage while abroad. Some program providers will include medical insurance as a part of your program fees. It is your responsibility to review your coverage options. 


Check with Jamie Skumurski in the Office of Business Affairs whenever you receive a bill from your program. Do not make any payments without first checking. You are required to pay the program application fee.  Refer to the Finances section of this site for particulars.  

Pre-Departure Meeting

There will be a Pre-departure Meeting held several weeks before the end of each semester.  This meeting will offer you important information as you prepare to leave for your study abroad program.  You must attend the Pre-Departure Meeting prior to studying abroad.  


Many study abroad programs offer group flights. Consult with individual program information to determine what is offered. Should you choose to arrange your own transportation, be aware of the expected arrival dates and make certain not to book a flight before the end date of the program, including final exams.
For individuals arranging their own transportation, whether it be by train or plane, check out 
Student Universe for prices and dates.


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