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Tuition and Fees

The Siena College Office of Business Affairs handles nearly all payments to Approved Programs. Students are billed by Siena College as usual. All financial aid and scholarship awards are therefore applicable to Siena's Approved Programs.

This arrangement not only allows the student to maintain financial aid and scholarship money, it also provides a key service in assuring prompt and accurate payment of international invoices. Through this arrangement, students maintain full Siena status, retain student e-mail accounts and access to the web, participate in the housing lottery, have access to academic advisors and administrative staff, and are allowed to web register from abroad.

Even if the student does not receive financial aid, a FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) must be filed. 

Approved Programs

Universities and Study Abroad Programs which appear in the Programs section of this site constitute "Approved Programs," i.e., those institutions endorsed by Siena College. Students are allowed to maintain financial aid and scholarship monies when attending these Approved Programs.

Students who, for a valid and demonstrated reason, express interest in a university which does not appear on the Approved Program list need to petition the Director of International Programs for authorization to attend, but scholarship and institutional grant monies may not apply. 


Most bills are paid through Siena College. Should the student receive a bill, it should not be paid without first conferring with Jamie Skumurski in the Business Affairs Office. This will avoid duplication of payment, which is often difficult to refund. The exception to this is the initial application fee, for which the student is responsible.

All billing due dates are based on the program due dates, which are often earlier than Siena's due date. Siena will not pay the program until payment is received by Siena in full.

All account balances must be paid in full in order to receive transcripts, and in order to register for classes the following semester. 

Power of Attorney

Students who expect financial aid or loan checks during their term abroad, and who need to have checks or other documents signed or authorized on their behalf, are encouraged to complete a Power of Attorney form, available through the Financial Aid office. 

Program Costs

Program costs are generally the same as if the student was still a resident student at Siena College. Students continue to pay tuition, room, and fees through Siena. If a meal plan is included in the host program, then the student will be billed for meals as well.

Students attending a program with charges in excess of Siena's costs will be responsible for paying the difference.

Students will continue to receive the financial aid package to which they would have been entitled if they had remained on campus, but only if the student attends an Approved Program. Siena's Business Affairs Office makes the appropriate payments to the program.

All travel and incidental expenses are the responsibility of the student, unless specifically provided by the host institution. 

Other Expenses

The cost of airfare is not included in the price of the program. Many programs offer discounted group flights, the cost of which is the responsibility of the student.

Some countries may require a visa. Any fees involved in the processing of a visa are also paid by the student. 


In the event of voluntary withdrawal by a student, fees paid out by Siena to a foreign university or to a program provider are not refundable. 


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