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Center for Counseling and Student Development

Overview of the Center


The Center for Counseling and Student Development (CCSD) supports student development and success by providing counseling, medication management, psycho-educational programming, and consultations to the campus community to help students cope effectively with personal, emotional and situational barriers to learning.


The CCSD will provide the highest quality of psychological and psychiatric support services to the Siena College student population, including consulting services and psycho-educational outreach programs that encompass prevention efforts as well as positive psychology and positive quality of life concepts.

Why might a Student meet with a Counselor

College life brings many opportunities as well as challenges that are often stressful. Students experience those challenges in a number of different areas--some students have difficulties adjusting to the changes in academic demands from high school to college, others experience confusion in deciding on a major or career path, and still others struggle with issues in their families and relationships. Most students feel anxious, depressed, or confused at some point during their college experience. Support often comes from friends, family members or significant others, but in many cases a trained professional can be the most effective source of support. 

In fact most of us, at some time in our lives, feel overwhelmed and could benefit from talking with someone objective who won’t judge us, and who will help us to see new alternatives. Thus, the primary goal of the Center for Counseling and Student Development is to provide students with psychological support and guidance toward finding more effective coping strategies. Counseling can be a key experience in the attainment of the skills essential to academic and personal success.

The Center is available to all registered students. There are no fees for our services as the cost is already built into your yearly fees.  Faculty and staff may request a consultation.