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Public Safety

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The Department of Public Safety at Siena College promotes and maintains a safe campus environment conducive to living, learning, working, and visiting. This is accomplished through the delivery of a variety of programs and services in keeping with Siena’s Franciscan and Catholic values.

Siena College Workplace Safety Statement

It is the policy of Siena College to provide a safe and healthy environment for its students, faculty, administrators, staff and visitors. The reduction of safety risks which may lead to injuries and the loss of property and equipment is everyone’s responsibility. To this end, every reasonable effort will be made in achieving the goal of accident prevention and health preservation. Each person using the equipment and facilities of Siena is expected to exercise proper safety procedures, to report all accidents immediately, and to bring to the attention of their direct supervisor and the Office of Public Safety any unsafe conditions or practices. It is only through the conscientious efforts of the entire campus community that accidents and injuries can be prevented and a safe, healthy environment created for all to enjoy..

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