History Club

Gettysburg, Spring 2012

History Club, 2012-2013

The Siena College History Club provides an educational and fun outlet for students to pursue their interest in history outside the classroom. The history club meets on scheduled Tuesdays and discusses upcoming trips and movie nights, all of which are suggested by club members. During the 2011/2012 school year, the History Club has visited West Point and Fort Ticonderoga, with a scheduled trip to Saratoga. They have also seen historic movies, including Glory, Valkerye and Conspirator. This semester the History Club will be hosting a pumpkin painting table at the Halloween Extravaganza. We encourage all majors to join in!

Officers for Fall 2012/2013
President: John Cancilla
Vice President: Chelsea Battistelli
Secretary: Leigh Graham
Treasurer: Francis Butler
Public Relations: Lindsey Davenport

Please contact us at historyclub@siena.edu with questions or to get more information.

Feel free to visit our History Facebook Group for more information!