Gaelic Society Constitution

I. Purpose II. Membership III. Fees and Duties
V. The Executive Committee I V. Electoral Process VI. Impeachment
VII. Resignation VIII. Meetings IX. Amendment Procedure
X. Advisor XI. Dissolution XII. Ratification
XIII. Effective Date
XIV. Renewal Date  


The primary objective of the Siena College Gaelic Society is to instill a greater understanding of the Gaelic traditions and cultures, of Ireland, Scotland, Brittany, Cornwall, Wales, and the Isle of Man.  Our goal as an organization is to increase the knowledge of one’s own heritage and that in turn this shall lead to a better appreciation of all cultures.  Moreover, all members of the Siena student body are encouraged to participate in this association.


A.  Requirements:

The following prerequisites are hereupon established and are to be adhered to at all times:

1.   Attending two consecutive meetings per semester serves as grounds for admission into the Gaelic Society.

2.  In order to maintain membership, one must attend at least two-thirds of the scheduled meetings per year.

3.   Members will occasionally be expected to perform reasonable tasks and obligations for the benefit of the Gaelic Society.

B.  Removal:

If any one member should show progressive signs of apathy and/or absenteeism (see section IIA-2), that person shall be warned on no more than two occasions to redress the present situation.  If, at the close of the semester, this individual fails to do so, he thus will be denied membership.  Such a measure shall be taken if, and only if, three-fifths of the executive board approves this course of action.


In order to have a more definitve membership, dues to join the Society are $10.  This money goes towards events on campus as well as paying for off campus trips.  If there are issues with paying the dues, contact the E-board. 


A.  Structure

The executive committee shall be comprised six officers: Chairman, co-chairman, treasurer, public relations director(s), special events chair and a secretary appointed by the chair.  When deemed so necessary, the executive board may choose to allow two persons to hold the office of public relations director. No one officer may hold more than on executive position simultaneously.

B. Duties:

Upon taking office, all six executive members must carry out, to the best of their ability, general administrative tasks for the organization. The executive board’s main duties will entail the agenda setting and leadership for meetings and events of the Gaelic Society.  In addition, each officer will have the responsibility of recruiting members and properly representing the organization at all times.                  

1.      The President will have the sole responsibility of seeing that all of the administrative and organizational tasks are fulfilled.  Some of these tasks include but are not limited to: scheduling and conducting of meetings, special events and fundraisers, and outside contacts.  In addition, that person shall work with the other five officers in ensuring the duties of the organization are carried out.  The president will also conduct Gaelic Society meetings and executive board meetings as well.

2.      The responsibilities of the Vice President will be similar to the duties of the chair in that they will be expected to oversee the actions of all other officers including that of the chair.  The VP has the responsibility to work closer with the membership on a more “one-to-one” basis.  The VP will fill the responsibility of the chair in that person’s absence, which, include the running of meetings and the oversight of the Gaelic Society.

3.      The Treasurer’s responsibilities shall be to keep detailed financial records of the club’s accounts and expenditures.  The treasurer will be expected to carry out all budgeting of funds, check request signing, and the attendance of all student finance committee meetings that apply to the Gaelic Society.

4.      The Public Relations (PR) Directors shall be responsible for informing the student body and community of any club activity deemed necessary such as and not limited to: meeting times and places, publicity signs, posters and e-mail.  In addition, the PR Directors will be in charge of updating the Gaelic Society web page: under the Siena College account.  

5.      The Secretary’s duties shall entail the recording and typing of all minutes from club and executive board meetings.  These minutes are to include: date, members present, issues discussed and the names and reports of the officers if given at a meeting.  It is the responsibility of the secretary to keep an organized record of all minutes recorded in a binder for the use of members and officers.  In addition, the secretary shall work closely with the chair in drafting of significant letters and or notices representing the Gaelic Society.

6.  The Events Coordinator shall be responsible for the active recruiting of activities and events that will benefit no only the Gaelic Society, but also the Siena community as a whole.  The events coordinator will fulfill this responsibility by: booking speakers, planning of cultural events and coordination of Gaelic Society socials, all in compliance with our purpose (section I).


Any member of the Gaelic Society in “good standing” (with accordance to sections IIA-1, 2, and 3) is eligible to be nominated for an executive board position.  The candidate must be present at the election meeting to be nominated.  If a candidate is unable to attend the election meeting, a written letter must be submitted to any of the six executive board members justifying their absence.  It is then the responsibility of the executive board, with a two-thirds vote, to decide on that member’s ability to run for office.  To be an officer, another member in good standing (II A- 1, 2, and 3) must nominate a candidate, with a second by a third member.  No member may run for more than one office in any one election.  Nominees gain office by the means of a simple majority of members present at the election meeting.  Elected officers shall hold their positions for one academic year.  All elections will be held before the close of the previous spring semester.  The present officers will decide on a time for the election that best fits the schedule of the club and the academic schedule of the college.


Officers shall be impeached only if they fail to meet the requirements described in sections IV part B 1-6, and the membership requirements of section II part A 1-3.  Each member will be warned twice prior to the question of impeachment by another executive officer.  Impeachment shall consist of a two-thirds majority vote of all members present at a designated meeting.


A.     The formal resignation of an officer entails the following:

1.      Informing of the other officers of his or her intentions at least ten days prior to resignation of duties.

2.      In addition, he or she is to submit a letter of resignation to the executive committee, which, in turn shall be read to the entire membership at the next meeting.

B.     Under these circumstances, the five other officers will select either:

1.      Appoint a member in good standing to fulfill the duties for the duration of the academic year.

2.      The officers may elect to leave the position vacant if it is within three weeks of a new election.


Meetings shall be held periodically during the semester.  The time and location shall be determined by the executive board.  It is the responsibility of the Public Relations Director to ensure that the Siena community is aware of all meetings.  The executive board will preside over all meetings in a professional manner.  Aside from the general assemblies, members of the board are to meet independently, on no less 2 occasions per month, to discuss the status of the Society.  On the same token, the entire Gaelic Society should assemble a minimum of three times each semester.  The general meeting procedure is as follows: at the beginning of each meeting, the minutes from the previous meeting shall be read.  The prepared agenda for that meeting shall then be followed, discussing past and present business.  During this assembly, the floor will be open for any new suggestions or ideas.  Orderly discussion, therefore, will occur.  The meeting adjourns upon completion of the agenda.


Amendments to this constitution shall be appended to it and enforced under it when the following conditions have been satisfied:

A.     A proposed amendment may originate from any member of the Gaelic Society.  This proposal may be considered for further discussion if more than fifty percent attending vote in favor of the consideration.

B.  At the closing of the meeting, the executive board shall review the proposed amendment and provide a formal statement of its content.  Following ample discussion on the subject, the movement will thereby be voted upon.  In order for the amendment to be added to the constitution, a two-thirds majority vote is necessary.  Still, however, the amendment will not take effect, officially, without the consent of the Student Senate.


The Siena College Gaelic Society shall be represented by an advisor, whose responsibility it is to insure the continuation of the purpose and policies of this club/organization and to act as consultant in policy matters. The Gaelic Society shall have an advisor whose function it is will be to advise the club/organization on its activities.


2/3 of the club/organization membership must sign the petition for dissolution and submit this petition to the Student Senate. If this organization is inactive for two years a new constitution must be drawn up and the normal approval procedure for any club/organization must be followed.


Constitutions are effective when ratified by the Student Senate.

Amendments are effective with the ratification of the Student Senate.


This Constitution is approved by members on April 2004.

Student Senate Ratification on December 2003.


This constitution is subject to renewal: April 2012.