Office of Community Living

Involvement Opportunities

The Office of Community Living provides numerous opportunities for students to gain valuable leadership skills and engage in active learning. Below you will find information on all of the various leadership opportunities and special programs offered through the Office of Community Living.  You may click on any of the links provided in the descriptions to be taken to that specific site.

Residence Hall Association

RHA serves as a governing board for all residential students on campus as well as a programming board, forum for addressing concerns in the residence halls, and many other issues pertaining to Residential Life at Siena.

Resident Assistant Selection

RAs are student leaders who live in the residence halls and ensure a safe, comfortable, and fun living and learning environment for residents.  RAs are responsible for implementing programs around a variety of areas vital to the overall development and growth of our students.  Additional information about becoming an RA can be obtained by selecting the link above.

First Year Experience (FYE) Program

The First Year Experience Program is an initiative by the Office of Community Living to provide students the opportunity to bond as a group through several programs offered every fall and spring semester.  Additional information about the First Year Experience Program can be obtained by selecting the link above.

First-year Leadership Institute (FLI)

The "First-year Leadership Institute" program was created to allow first-year students with an interest in leadership and leadership development to meet and learn more about the various leadership opportunities that exist here at Siena College.  Students enrolled in the FLI program will begin to explore and actively participate in their own development as student leaders. Students will have the opportunity to develop new relationships with their classmates as well as many members of the Siena College professional staff, including their instructors (professional staff members in the Office of Community Living) and guest lecturers from other campus departments.

Sophomore Year Experience (SYE) Program

The Sophomore Year Experience Program is a series of programs and workshops specifically targeted to our sophomore students, who are in need of experiences that will help them begin to focus their personal and professional goals for the remainder of their time at Siena and beyond.  Additional information about the Sophomore Year Experience Program can be obtained by selecting the link above.

Future Leaders in Student Affairs

The Future Leaders in Student Affairs program is a series of workshops and personal relationships with Siena Student Affairs professionals to help students learn about the field of student affairs and higher education as a possible career path.  Additional information about the Future Leaders in Student Affairs program can be obtained by selecting the link above.

Peer Advisors

Peer Advisors (PAs) are a new joint partnership between the Academic Support and Advising Office and the Office of Community Living to provide academic support to students in the residence halls. 

Hall Council

Hall Councils exist is each of Siena’s residential living communities as a means of allowing students to create additional opportunities for residents to come together and participate in activities.  Additional information about becoming involved in Hall Council can be obtained by selecting the link above.

Work Study Job Opportunities

If you have a work study grant through the Office of Financial Aid, you are encouraged to apply for a job in the Office of Community Living!  Each year, every residence hall hires student workers to assist in the day to day operations of the residence hall.  If you're interested in a fun and fast-paced job opportunity, please select the link above.