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Each Italian course not only develops speaking, listening, reading and writing skills of contemporary spoken Italian; but also teaches students about Italy's rich cultural story.  Teacher-made materials utilizing pictures (of Italy), music and film are used throughout each course to enhance learning and cultural knowledge.  Communication skills in Italian are developed through theme based vocabulary while also learning important grammatical points.


  • Italian 101
  • Italian 102


  • Italian 201
  • Italian 202


  • Italian 301
  • Italian 302


Course Materials

The course text Oggi in Italia is used throughout the first three semesters.  We also use the workbook for exercise practice and laboratory work as we develop your listening and production skills.  In the classroom work is done in pairs and groups as you work on specific communicative tasks such as asking for directions, ordering from a menu, talking about your family, describing an imaginary vacation, etc.


Italian 101 - Learn to:

  • Introduce yourself in Italian
  • Ask for directions
  • Talk about yourself/your family
  • Use Italian film La Stanza del Figlio to speak in Italian


Italian 102 -Learn to:

  • Describe past events
  • Talk about an imaginary vacation
  • Use Italian film Pane e Tulipani to speak Italian


Italian 201 - Learn to:

  • Use advanced structures
  • Improve listening/speaking skills
  • Talk about contemporary singer songwriters Jovanotti, Celentano, Dalla




Italian 202 - Learn to:

  • Use past tense and subjunctive
  • Speak about on-line readings
  • Talk about the Great Migration via film Nuovo Mondo & contemporary Italian immigrant issues via film Quando sei nato... 


Italian 301 - Learn to:

  • Class conducted completely in Italian, including:
  • Theme-based curriculum
  • Discussion of contemporary issues affecting youth in US and Italy, as potrayed in Italian film Ricordati di me
  • Use of text Uffa! to learn idiomatic expressions

Italian 302 - Learn to:

  • Class conducted completely in Italian, inclucing:
  • Theme-based curriculum
  • Discussion of recent Italian historical events as portrayed in Italian film La meglio gioventù
  • Use of on-line resources


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