American College Theatre Festival

American College Theatre Festival

American College Theatre Festival 2010

On Campus of University of New Hampshire


This year Siena College had 6 total people get actively involved with the American College Theatre Festival helf in New Hampshire. Thomas Gelok, a Junior English Education major, and Jessica Rupert, a Sophomore Creative Arts major, competed in the Irene Ryan Acting Competition for a Grand Prize of a $5000 scholarship. Thomas Gelok chose Marah Chabot, a Junior Marketing and Management major, to be his scene partner and Jessica Rupert chose Christian Leahy, a Sophomore Marketing and Management major.

The four actors and actresses arrived at UNH by 11:30am and had to be ready and perform their first scenes by 3:00pm. Both pairs did well and received excellent feedback in their review session. However they had to wait until Wednesday night in order to find out whether or not they had made it to the next round.

In the meantime the actors and actresses attended different workshops that revolved around the theatre world. Some of the workshops included information about directors in today’s world, what to do with your hands while singing a musical, how to make it in NYC, and even acting for television shows. Also the actors and actresses got the opportunity to see several shows performed by other colleges. The group got to see performances of In Conflict, All the World’s a Grave, and Dirty Rotten Scoundrels.

Melissa Rao, a Junior Creative Arts major, and William Frenzel, a Sophomore English major, also attended several workshops later in the week. In the end however the two pairs had not made it past the first round of the competition. However they were able to watch their competitors continue to compete for the $5000 scholarship and they had learned much from this experince.

If any of the six of our Siena students were asked if they would want to attend this competition again most certainly they would all love the chance to learn as much as they can. These six helped Siena get their foot in the door to become potentially a “threat” to other schools in the Irene Ryan Competition.