A study of philosophy has greatly improved my ability to develop inchoate ideas into fully-fledged plans, and to articulate such plans to colleagues clearly and without ambiguity. It has also aided me in argument, giving me the skills to think ahead and anticipate and repel my own biases and errors in plans, and others’ criticisms.
But most importantly, I feel I’ve ascended to a greater open-mindedness and an egalitarian worldview, where, through introspection I’ve learned with the help of philosophical thought, I’m able to better understand myself, and to connect with people by tapping into our shared universality.
The lack of dignity, autonomy, and intellectual stimulation, is an all too common complaint in the workplace. I feel I’m better able to care for and respect others, and philosophy has given me the skills to be a better manager of people in the global economy.
-School of Business student