Department Chair

Academic Celebration 2009

Annie Rotundo
Anne Rotundo studied the use of text messaging by college students.
  Amy Intilli
Amy Intilli studied the effect of social class on children’s choice of toys.
Aristeas Tzvoras
Aristeas Tzovaras studied computer use by senior citizens.
  Ashley Towne
Ashley Towne studied the political identification of college students.
Beth Bainbridge
Beth Bainbridge studied victims of sexual assault.
  Ashley Caputo
Ashley Caputo studied the effect of parental discipline on the drinking behaviors of their children.
Caitlin Conheady
Caitlin Conheady evaluated the effectiveness of Siena’s recycling program.
  Cory Wheeler
Cory Wheeler studied a hockey program for  disabled youth.
Kristen Henry
Kristen Henry studied student use of Facebook and its effects.
  Jesus Sanchez
Jesus Sanchez discusses his research on student involvement in extra-curricular activities.
Lyndsay Gaylord
Lyndsay Gaylord examined the effects of divorce on college students’ attitudes toward marriage.
  Elizabeth Leibell
Elizabeth Leibell measured parental satisfaction with an after-school program at the Albany Boys and Girls Club.
Nick Messinger
Nick Messinger studied young men raised in female-headed families.
  Nicole Sanabria
Nicole Sanabria studied the children of inter-religious marriages.
Tiffany Merritt close
Tiffany Merritt studied whether knowing someone with cancer leads to changes in health-related behavior.
  Emily Kruglik
Emily Kruglik delved into the motivation of Team in Training participants.
Christa Cardish
Christa Cardish examined the effects of musical preference on the lifestyle of college students.
  Meghan Caldwell
Meghan Caldwell studied the effects of service learning.
Natalie Cook
Natalie Cook studied parental attitudes toward school-based sex education.
  David Hargadon
David Hargadon measured hegemonic masculinity attitudes among rugby players.


Girls before Poster session 2009
Sociology majors Ashley Caputo, Elizabeth Leibell, Lyndsay Gaylord, and Emily Kruglik relax before the Academic Celebration.

Paul with camera May 2009
Dr. Paul Murray photographed his students’ poster presentations.