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Course Offerings

ITAL—101. Fundamentals of Italian I 3 credits
The study of Italian pronunciation, vocabulary, grammar, and compo­sition with supplementary reading in the language. (ATTR: ARTS)
ITAL—102. Fundamentals of Italian II 3 credits
A continuation of ITAL—1 01. Prerequisite: ITAL—1 01 or equivalent. (ATTR: ARTS)
ITAL—201. Intermediate Italian I 3 credits
A thorough review of the structures of the Italian language, supple­mented by selected readings. The audio-lingual aspect of the language is further developed, and the ability to read with understanding is increased. Prerequisite: ITAL—1 01 and 102, or evidence of having successfully com­pleted at least two years study of Italian on the secondary level. (ATTR: ARTS)
ITAL—202. Intermediate Italian II 3 credits
A continuation of ITAL201. Prerequisite: ITAL201. (ATTR: ARTS)
ITAL—301. Communication in Italian I 3 credits
To increase proficiency in speaking Italian. Prerequisites: ITAL—202 or equivalent. (ATTR: ARTS)
ITAL—302. Communication in Italian II 3 credits
A continuation of ITAL301 with emphasis on the development of writing skills. Prerequisite: ITAL—301. (ATTR: ARTS)