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Some Guidelines on the New Core

The College Core comprises 42 credits and 14 courses. It is divided into three areas:

The First-Year Seminar ( 2 Courses)

Disciplinary Core ( 8 courses)

Franciscan Concern Core ( 4 courses)

Additional points to consider:

1- Students may use a maximum of one major course to satisfy the Disciplinary core requirement.

    Students may use one additional major course to satisfy a Franciscan Concern core requirement.

    Students can still take additional courses in their major that are designated as "core" to fulfill their major requirements - these will not count as core.

2- All departments,except Biology, allow their majors to count one major course as a Disciplinary core course

3- All departments,except Religious Studies and Social Work, allow their majors to count one major course as a Franciscan Concern course

4- No more than one course from a subject can be taken to meet the Franciscan Concern requirements.

5- Disciplinary core courses and Franciscan Concern core courses are distinct from one another. The same course cannot count for both a Disciplinary and a Franciscan Concern course.

6- Disciplinary core courses include both writing emphasis and writing instruction.

7- Franciscan Concern core courses include writing emphasis.

Writing emphasis = writing is employed as a means of learning and thinking with students consistently engaged in the writing process.

Writing instruction = basic instruction in the conventions of academic writing such as thesis formation, providing evidence, and logical structure.

“Writing” is defined broadly and may include but is not to limited the following:

                                Analytic essay

                                Research paper

                                Interpretive paper

                                Response paper

                                Essay exams

                                Problem formulation and/or solution

                                Lab report

                                Scientific journal article

                                Problem set write-ups

                                Art critique or reviews of performances or exhibits

                                Literary critique or analysis

                                Creative writing

                                Book report

                                Journalistic reporting


                                Cases & Case studies

                                Position papers

                                Letters and memoranda

                                Business reports

                                Survey or data summations