Department Chair

  • Deborah Kelly
    Associate Professor of Management
    Colbeth Hall 101C


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The Management Department prepares students to manage resources, make informed decisions, and lead with integrity in a global environment. Through real-world, applied learning experiences, students develop critical competencies that integrate the perspectives of their Franciscan and liberal arts coursework. With this foundation they are well prepared to serve their organizations and society. Students pursue graduate education, or careers in the private and public sectors and not-for-profit organizations.

The Management major and minor allows flexibility dependent on each student’s interests. For instance, students interested in entrepreneurship, leadership, or human resources could concentrate their course work in one of those areas.   

Students interested in exploring the international aspects of the major are urged to consult the section of the catalog which describes the Globalization Studies Minor and the International Studies, Foreign Language and Business Program. 

Upon completion of the major in Management, students will demonstrate the ability to apply six management competencies: 

1.        Decision Making and Planning: gather and analyze information, define problems and opportunities, evaluate alternatives, and recommend actions that consider profit, people, and the planet.

2.        Innovation and Entrepreneurship: encourage creative and diverse opinions, take calculated risks, and promote new ideas and concepts.

3.        Teamwork and Leadership: participate in ways that encourage others to share their time and unique talents; develop as an individual, explore your strengths and weaknesses, and seek opportunities for continual growth; lead with integrity in a complex, changing, global environment.   

4.        Communication: use all forms of communication to inform, influence, and motivate diverse audiences.

5.        Human Resource Development: recruit, select, develop, and motivate a diverse workforce to achieve organizational goals.

6.        Process and Project Management: scope, organize, schedule, monitor and control the execution of complex processes and projects