Learning Goals

First Year Seminar Learning Goals:

 1.  Informed Reasoning

Students will think clearly, critically, and creatively. They will do this through rigorous engagement with both the common, “shared” texts and with the texts specific to the individual theme of the course.

Students will demonstrate competence in information literacy and research.

A two semester, incremental approach to information literacy is recommended.

             Fall Semester:  Each First Year Seminar professor is required to schedule a library research
             session that emphasizes finding and evaluating a variety of credible sources.

             Spring Semester:  Ideally, a second session will be scheduled that emphasizes the developmen
             and organization of the research process.

2.  Effective communication
Students will read carefully, write clearly, listen closely, and voice their positions persuasively.

3.  Reflection on Franciscan concerns: 

Students will read and reflect on the values of both St. Francis and St. Clare.