Latin American and Caribbean Studies

Certificate in Latin American and Caribbean Studies (18.000 credits):

HIST 340 Latin America: Colonial Period                                                                                     
HIST 343 ­Latin America: National Period                                                                   3 cr.
1 LACS course from  "Historical Process" (LAHP)                                                   3 cr.
1 LACS course from  "Language and the Arts" (LALA)                                             3 cr.
2 additional LACS elective courses                                                                           6 cr.  
Language Requirement: Students must successfully complete SPAN 202 or French 202, or complete the equivalent of four semesters of college/university language study in the target language.                                                                                                                 
The language requirement may be achieved by course work at Siena or another institution, study abroad, or testing through the Modern Languages and Classics Department at Siena.                                                             
Each student must either complete appropriate Study Abroad experience or an internship. Study Abroad is highly recommended.                                                                                               
Arrangements for Study Abroad are made through the International Programs and Study Abroad Office in consultation with the director of the certificate. These courses must be approved by the Assistant Dean for Student Services.                                                                                             

No more than 6 hours of approved independent study may apply to the 18 hour requirement.                                                                                           
No more than 9 hours can be taken in the same department.                                                                                    

HIST 340 and HIST 343 must be taken at Siena College                                                                                         

Courses taken as part of Study Abroad can be used to fulfill the 18 hour requirements with the approval of the Assistant Dean in conversation with the Director of the Program.                                                                           
Courses taken to fulfill certificates requirements are not exclusive to the certificate and may count toward other programs at Siena. Contact Dr. James Harrison (History) for further information.