Undergraduate Robotics at Siena


Introduction to Robotics CSIS401

This course is an introduction to robotics, with an emphasis on mobile robots operating in human-scale environments. Students will gain an understanding of the basic theory and practice of mobile robots and human-machine interaction. Throughout the course, we will be using standard practices and technologies: such as ROS (Robot Operating System) and OpenCV (Open Source Computer Vision). The projects will consist of developing a robotics application or technology using ROS, Python and available hardware.

We will be developing our projects on the iRobot’s Create platform. Each of our five iRobots will be equipped with a single programmable arm. We will also be writing modules to work with the robot’s vision and dialogue capabilities. A potential project may be to navigate the hallways of Roger Bacon’s third floor and interact with people. We will also be developing on the flying AR Drones. Our three drones have a built in camera for vision and are also compatible with the ROS platform.

For more information contact: Dr. Sharon Gower Small at ssmall@siena.edu


Siena Students Assemble the Mini Max Fleet, Summer 2011

The Siena Fleet of MiniMax Robots


Siena Robotics is invited to a local Mensa Conference, September 2011