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Red Cross Club

American Red Cross Club of Siena




The American Red Cross was founded in 1881 as a volunteer organization to provide emergency services to victims during wartime. Today, the American Red Cross is the nation's leading emergency response organization. The Red Cross provides services to victims of natural disasters at home and abroad. In addition to Diaster Relief Services, the American Red Cross provides a number of services in Health and Safety, Blood Services, Senior Citizen and Community Services, Military Support Services, and International Relief Services.


As the American Red Cross Club at Siena, we hope to be the link between the American Red Cross

organization and the students, faculty, and staff of Siena.


Our Mission:

The mission of the American Red Cross Club of Siena College is to unite Siena's campus community to provide Red Cross Services to the local community and students and faculty on the Siena campus through student-lead volunteer work. The American Red Cross Club upholds the values and mission of the Red Cross and promotes the value of service learning to all students at Siena.


Do you need an Internship or Volunteer Hours?

The Red Cross Club is the perfect way to get involved both on campus and in our community. We offer a number of different volunteer opportunities and there is sure to be something to fit your interests.


The American Red Cross also offers internships to students in each of the following services: Disaster and Emergency Services, Preparedness, Volunteer and Community Services, Health and Safety, Senior Services, Biomedical, Financial Development and Fundraising, and Communications 


Join us!

Our meetings are held bi-weekly on Tuesdays at 9:15 in Roger Bacon 226. Please watch for campus-wide e-mails with information about our meetings!

New members are always welcome!