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Judith L. Dougherty '06

  • Hometown: Albany, New York
  • Major: Religious Studies with a Certificate in Franciscan Studies
  • Class Year: 2006
  • Activities:  Volunteering w/FCSA!
  • Why you chose Siena?  I wanted to attend Siena after high school but was unable to afford it.  Began taking classes when I started working here, graduated in 2006 with my son!  My daughter is currently a senior here - getting ready for graduation!
  • What is special about your time at Siena?  I love our community - the friendliness and camaraderie of co-workers, working with students, meeting and working with members of the larger community (Capital District), and being able to put my faith into action every day through my job!
  • Have you changed since you came to Siena?   I have.  I've grown intellectually, personally and spiritually.
  • What is your favorite Siena memory?  It has to be graduation day 2006.  That was the day that my son and I graduated together - I walked right in front of him across the stage to receive my diploma.  It was a wonderful moment!
  • What would you say to a Siena community member who has changed your life?  I would say - thank you for being both a mentor and a friend!  I have learned so much from you and grown in many ways I never would have imagined.  You taught me patience, professionalism, kindness, generosity, and the importance of being present and hearing, not just listening.
  • What are your aspirations?  Ah, to be a good mother, a worthy role model, to exemplify my faith.  Also, I am honored to share the years with our students who I hope to help teach and motivate.
  • What motivates you?  My family, my friends, my belief that we are all interconnected in this world and it is an honor and our privilege to be in service to each other.
  • What would make the world a better place?  Respect for each other!
  • What is one thing you could not live without?  Hard question...Sunshine!